25 years ago: 56 kids audition for Oscar Mayer in Bloomington | history

100 years ago

August 1, 1922: Two thousand people gathered at the Pontiac Chautauqua for Kansas Governor Henry J. Allen, where he spoke on “the state’s responsibility for industrial justice”. He said that we are moving away from arbitration in industrial relations and since arbitration has not proved to be the real cure for the continuing conflict between capital and labour, some methods must be used in addition to the current claw and hammer practices which are now Being used on both sides. ,

75 years ago

August 1, 1947: What to do with an 88mm live shell? Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carter, 2002 E. The same problem exists in front of Oakland Avenue, which has one on its front porch. Mr. Carter, a state maintenance patrol, found it on the shoulder of Route 66, east of the Route 51 overpass. He buried her, but then went back with his wife and friends and dug it up so that no children would be found. They hope to find someone who can make it harmless.

August 1, 1972: Losing teeth is very difficult for a 7 year old child. Darin Coon had the worst fate: he swallowed her up. Normal’s Mr and Mrs Clarence A. Coon’s son, Darrin, collided with another swimmer in the normal swimming pool while the children were taking lessons. His condition the next day? “That’s great — except for the empty space there,” she said. “And he’s going to give it another try this morning.”

25 years ago

August 1, 1997: Fifty-six area children scowled about Bologna and Wiener, hoping to cut the mustard in the national Oscar Mayer talent hunt. The Wienermobile stood for three hours at Bloomington’s Cube Foods for children’s videotapes and renditions of the “Wiener Jingle” or “Bologna Song”. This summer’s Oscar Mayer ad in Search of a Child is expected to have nearly 80,000 entries and will win a $20,000 college scholarship.

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