AAA Hyundai Santa Fe Forester Subaru Tesla Modelvigliarolo

The AAA is an US service provider for travel and tourism service organization, has said that assisted driving and automated systems for braking aren’t enough to provide truly autonomous driving and need drivers to remain in control of their vehicle.

The organization has confirmed this claim with evidence of the assisted driving systems that were installed within Tesla, Hyundai Motor and Subaru vehicles in recent tests where all cars were unable to prevent collisions with head-on. Tesla’s Autopilot system however, could slow the vehicle down to a walk before it struck an opposing foam model of a car.

The increasing number of new vehicles come with Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that partially automate tasks like steering, remaining in a specific lane and stopping. Tesla’s Autopilot is among the most well-known of these programs, but a majority of major automakers also offer similar technologies.

In their most recent study of the shortcomings of assisted driving technology, researchers from aaa santa fe subaru tesla modelvigliarolo have created four scenarios to test the three models tested The scenarios include: Taking a dummy vehicle that is traveling along the exact same route as the test vehicle; chasing an dummy cyclist going to the exact same route facing a dummy vehicle on the course of a head-on collision at 25 miles per hour and keeping an dummy bicycle driver that is in the path of the test vehicle.

The three vehicles tested detected and did not hit the dummy vehicles and cyclists along the exact same route ahead of the test vehicles, aaa hyundai santa forester tesla said.

However, both the Hyundai Santa Fe along with the Subaru Forester did not appear to recognize or slow down enough to avoid collision with the foam dummy vehicle in an actual head-on collision, AAA said.

Tests proved that the vehicles were able to detect and avoided hitting bicycles and dummy cars who were moving along the exact same route as the test vehicle.

The hyundai fe subaru tesla modelvigliarolo Santa Fe and the Subaru Forester did not seem to be able to sense or slow down to avoid collisions against the foam-dummy during the head-on collision simulation.

Tesla has not made a statement yet, however Hyundai is planning to look into the findings. Subaru is yet to release any specifics, however they are believed to be investigating the findings currently.

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