AAP is a political organization that believes in propaganda, propaganda: Punjab BJP President Ashwini Sharma

The Punjab BJP chief said that his party can only bring peace in Punjab.


The Punjab unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday hit out at the ruling Aam Aadmi Party in the state, describing them as a political outfit that believes in “sheer propaganda and publicity”. 21 lakh in the name of presenting a paperless budget.

“AAP is nothing but a political organization which believes in sheer propaganda and propaganda. So called paperless budget saved 21 lakhs and AAP government spent 42 lakhs to campaign that 21 lakhs have been saved BJP state president Ashwini Sharma while addressing a press conference said that it seems that economics is not really the specialty of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann.

Hitting out at the Mann government over the law and order situation in the state, Mr Sharma said it has touched a “new low”.

“The law and order situation has reached a new low and there is panic in the public. No one is feeling safe,” he said.

The BJP leader alleged that the AAP, which ended Congress rule in the state earlier this year, was “corrupted” by power.

“You need to be humble and govern with respect and responsibility. The power has completely corrupted them and ministers are going crazy under the guise of oversight,” he said.

Shri Sharma said that BJP is the only party which can bring peace in the state.

“In the coming days, only BJP will be able to provide justice and peace in the state. We are sure that the people will give a crushing defeat to AAP,” he said.

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Talking about the preparations for the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, Sharma said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to put up the national flag at homes is a “great movement”.

“The BJP in the state has made all the arrangements for the Amrit Mahotsav on the 75th anniversary of independence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged every Indian to celebrate this year by putting up the national flag at their homes. This is a great movement for us. India is a united and proud nation which believes in its self-reliant campaign,” he said.

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