According to Reddit, 10 roles Tom Cruise should have won an Oscar

with Top Gun: Maverick Becoming a phenomenal success at the box office, even by Tom Cruise’s high standards, it’s unsurprising that the actor is still outdoing himself at 60. Action movies and stunt work may be his bread and butter, but many fans would agree that it’s Cruz’s charismatic acting abilities that keep him coming back.

Despite being one of the most popular leading figures of the 21st century, one thing is missing from the actor’s impressive collection of achievements is the Academy Award for acting. While he’ll still have plenty of opportunities to snag the award, movie buffs on Reddit seem to have some Oscar-worthy roles in his hand already.

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Jack Harper – Oblivion (2013)

Although it received mixed reviews from critics upon its first release, oblivion The intervening years have aged well and is considered one of the best apocalyptic movies of 2010. While the intense action and extensive sci-fi visuals garnered most of the attention of fans, one Redditor thought Cruise’s performance shouldn’t be overlooked as major.

That user, Housebird350, titled the film “Oblivion” and although this was not a suggestion that received much support, there is a good argument to be made for it. In a world ravaged by an alien threat, Cruise’s depiction of a man’s emotional turmoil as his entire worldview disintegrates around him is still going on for nearly a decade.

Ethan Hunt – Mission: Impossible (1996)


with trailer Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Just dropped last month Impossible Goal Still one of the most popular action franchises in the world. Although it is synonymous with its lead actor, it surprisingly rarely appeared in discussions of Cruise’s Oscar-worthy roles.

Of course, from the first film in the series, Cruise’s portrayal of Ethan Hunt has been more about thrilling stunts than conveying emotion, but Redditor Fangobat believes it would be a shame if that caused him. The performance was ignored. They argue that “he puts 150%” into playing the character. And it’s a performance that deserves to be liked, if not one that attracts awards.

Jerry Maguire – Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire 2 Tom Cruise Renée Zellweger

In jerry maguireIn , a rom-com about an outcast sports agent and his relationship with a single mother who believes in him, Cruise landed a role that resonated with critics and earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. While Geoffrey Rush eventually garnered praise that year, Redditor AlexHM thinks Cruz deserved the win.

He argues that the film’s “long-term impact on film culture” stands up for itself, and since “Cruise keeps the entire film with his performance”, he deserved something to show for it. Although critics praised the actor’s performance at the time, it undoubtedly aged well for him as well.

Lestat de Lioncourt – Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Interview with a Vampire -Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s charisma has made him one of cinema’s most iconic men, but it’s also something that could make him an excellent villain if he played such a role. Redditor Varekai79 argues that Cruz has already demonstrated it interview with the devil“She’s magnetic and exceptionally charismatic as Lestat” and “You can’t help but be attracted to her” as a villain.

His performance as Lestat was certainly one of his most memorable films, and is considered by many to be a quintessential vampire film. But sadly, despite positive reviews from critics, the film did not make much of an impact during the awards season. Many fans would like to see Cruz back in another villainous role, but for now, interview with a vampire The actor is at his malicious best.

Les Grossman – Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder

In a Ben Stiller comedy that stars Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Nick Nolte, Danny McBride, and many others, it needs a special performance to stand out from the rest, but as brutal film executive Les Grossman It’s Cruise’s turn. I just did Tropic Thunder, His performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination, although only Downey Jr. managed to attract the attention of members of the Academy.

Redditor lacourseauxetoiles suggests that bad timing played a part, saying that, although Cruise’s performance was good, it “definitely didn’t deserve to beat Heath Ledger that year.” illustration of clown in laser dark Knight dazzled critics, therefore, though Grossman in Tropic Thunder One of Cruise’s best efforts, this was never to be his year.

Charles “Charlie” Babbitt – Rain Man (1988)

Dustin Hoffman Tom Cruise Rainman

Despite being a selfish and unsuitable character, movie fans appreciated what Cruz brought to him. rain Man To the point where it is still considered one of his best characters. Dustin Hoffman’s performance as Raymond in the film garnered most of the praise, but one Redditor thought it was a shame.

He argued that “he had a more challenging role”. rain Man Hoffman’s performance was “all schtick” and Cruise had the more challenging task of getting audiences to sympathize with the seriously difficult character. As an iconic film that came out quite early in the actor’s career, many feel his performance in it rain Man needs to be reevaluated.

Vincent – Collateral (2004)

Tom Cruise in Collateral.

Michael Manas collateral Very stylish action thriller. Although the film received critical acclaim, only Jamie Foxx managed to garner an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as a taxi driver, taken hostage by Cruise’s hitman protagonist.

One Redditor firmly believed this was the role Cruise deserved an Oscar for, simply stating the film’s title “Collateral” and garnering support for the suggestion. Cruise as the contract killer is utterly believable, and other Redditors agreed that his performance was one of the film’s strongest points.

Lieutenant Daniel Caffey – A Few Good Men (1992)

One title that pops up over and over in discussions of Tom Cruise’s best movies is Some good peopleIn which he plays Defense Representative Lieutenant Daniel Caffey defending two Marines from murder charges. A tense and thrilling film, it bested Cruise with some other stalwarts including Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore.

One Redditor believed it to be one of his best performances in terms of award-contenders, describing it as an “Oscar worthy” performance. Once again, Cruise was sidelined in favor of a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Nicholson, as well as the film’s nomination for Best Picture, a prime example of how to take an iconic film. Cruise’s ability to go is underestimated.

Frank TJ Mackay – Magnolia (1999)

Tom Cruise talks to his dying father in Magnolia

Paul Thomas Anderson is famous for getting the best possible performances from his actors, and he rises to the occasion again magnolia, a unique film in which Cruise played the charming motivational speaker Frank McKay. Though its massive ensemble cast made it hard to stand out, Cruise did just that, earning a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars and winning the category at the Golden Globes.

Although magnolia Not talked about today, those who saw Cruise’s performance in it were candid in their praise, with Redditor rxsheepxr to say that it’s “a high bar for him that I don’t think Has he ever matched before or since.” Showing a side of Cruise that isn’t often seen, it’s understandable why many considered the film their best chance at the Oscars.

Sergeant Ron Kovic – Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

Tom Cruise Born on the Fourth of July

Despite his amazing work in recent decades, Redditors agree that Cruise should have won an Oscar back when he was still in his twenties. In the film, the actor plays Ron Kovic, a real-life anti-war campaigner who turns man on a tragic 20-year journey. One Redditor felt particularly strongly about his performance, saying “he probably would have won for Born on the Fourth of July” any other year.

Cruise performance in Born on the Fourth of July It was highly praised for its power and simplicity, and it took him all the way to a Best Actor nomination at the 62nd Academy Awards. Bad timing meant he was competing against Danielle Day-Lewis as Christie Brown. my left legWhich is a shame because many fans think Cruise could have easily won his Oscar early in his career.

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