Another big name signing for using Propic AI technology

Vivian Yap, one of Australia’s best real estate agents, will introduce Proptic Artificial Intelligence technology to meet our clients’ expectations for 24/7 customer service.

Ray White Dulkeeth Principal said she was “very excited” to implement ProPic’s Concierge AI virtual assistant into its sales and property management divisions.

“The level of service customers expect has changed,” Ms. Yap said.

“In the current world, everyone wants something immediately. Potential customers don’t want to wait for emails or phone calls; they want answers right now.

“We want to be able to respond in real time and be prompt with our answers. Propic enables us to give our customers an extra layer of service.”

Ms Yap, who operates in Perth’s high-end real estate market, said ProPic’s AI technology will be particularly helpful in serving the agency’s many overseas clients.

“We have a lot of foreign customers and customers who have been traveling since the borders opened,” she said.

“When people are abroad or out on family time, I find that they often want to communicate via email during the day or at night.

“As much as I’d love to work 24/7, I’m human, and I need to sleep. But this technology will mean that customers’ questions will be answered in a time that suits them.”

Ms Yap said introducing the virtual assistant was not a one-size-fits-all model, and that all feedback given to customers can be tailored to her brand’s voice and meet high standards.

“It gives you the ability to provide better customer service,” she said.

“Better dialogue, better tone, better grammar. Everything can be checked and rechecked.”

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Ms. Yap also said that working closely with ProPic AI industry leader Jin Chong had fueled confidence not only in the technology’s potential, but how it is able to meet customer needs.

“What I love is that Jin is a former real estate agent,” she said.

“He ran his own office, had a very successful business and he understands the pressures of a real estate agent and agency.

“The data points we build communicate directly with the people so they know what we need to provide as a service to our customers.”

Jeffrey Gray, Founder and CEO of ProPic, said it was wonderful to have Ms. Yap and the Ray White Dulketh/Clermont team joining the ProPic family.

“Vivian is one of Australia’s best agents, and has won the annual REA Excellence Award for Top Residential Seller in Western Australia for 2021,” he said.

“It’s fantastic to have an agent of Vivian’s caliber on board.”

Mr. Gray said Ms. Yap selected ProPic’s AI technology, which came on the back of a successful 2021-2022 fiscal year for ProPic, where its customer base grew by 200 percent as more agencies became consumers. Protects mental wellbeing by being “always on” when responding to pressure. of its employees.

He said Propic posted three-digit revenue growth year-on-year.

“We have more than doubled our customer base, we doubled the revenue of the business in 12 months, and we continue to do so year after year,” said Mr. Gray.

“We’ve grown steadily over three years, and even as the business gets bigger, we’re still doubling every 12 months, so you’re getting compound growth.”

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Mr Gray said the number of properties under management using Propic AI technology has grown from 4000 to over 40,000 in the past 12 months, and the acquisition of the property sector has helped reduce the stress levels and workloads of property managers. enabled.

He said this ability to “problem-solve” for customers was the driving force behind Propic’s success.

“We have been able to prove to the industry year after year that we solve real problems,” said Mr. Gray.

“The fact that we built True Machine Learning AI for Real Estate is almost secondary, our driving objective to make a lasting difference on this generation.

“We are helping to upgrade and equip modern real estate pioneers to serve the ever-present generation without sacrificing their mental health and business success.

“While you can demonstrate to clients, ‘Here are some of the real challenges you’ve encountered in your business – scalability, cost, mass exodus of asset managers, recruitment, stress – and you can demonstrate in real, physical ways, How technology is going to impact their business and prove that’, so it makes the process a lot easier.”

While Mr. Gray was concerned about working on ProPic in the real estate AI space over the next 12 months, he indicated that outbound, prospecting AI and voice-related AI will “play a bigger role” with a significant re-brand in the near future. In

“Since starting Propic three years ago, we have been listening and learning,” said Mr. Gray.

“Looking towards the new financial year, we have gained a renewed sense of clarity on our objective, the problems to be solved by our products and where we believe we are headed as an industry.

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“In the next few weeks you are going to take a fresh look at us, and get an even clearer picture of who we are and how we are here to help modern real estate pioneers grow and stay ahead forever. Going to do – on the world.”

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