Best university opens its doors for Colombians to study science and technology careers

The pandemic has opened up a range of opportunities in the educational sector that today deserve to be strengthened as they open up the doors of employment at present. And one of the new frontiers that is gaining strength is training in areas related to information and communication technologies.

According to DEN, ICT GDP grew by 10 percent in 2021 compared to what was achieved in 2020 and 152,000 new jobs were created. For this reason, it is important that STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) be promoted in the country, as the market needs people with knowledge in these areas.

In short, the University of Harrisburg, an institution that has regional accreditation in the United States and operates in Latin America – from its headquarters in Panama – now offers this possibility to Colombian students, thanks to its hybrid system, which lasts for weeks. can last. Allows online classes from time to time. American Teacher’s Guide; and one weekend per month, in person at the City of Knowledge campus.

educational offer

Offers include Operations Management and Cyber ​​Security Control (focused on the architecture and engineering of computer network security), Analysis (managing data, processes to guide operations, and providing information to plan future strategies) and Management Master’s degrees. is included. Responding to local and global needs under online instruction methods), all taught in English.

Thanks to its methodology and high quality, this university has been decorated four times Best STEM in USA by Corporate Livewire.

Dr. Kevin Huggins, Rector Harrisburg University Latin America. , Photo: University of Harrisburg

Kevin Huggins, the rector of the University of Harrisburg in the area, says that “students here have the same research and technology centers as a US university, but with facilities to continue their training in Columbia.”

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Thanks to these programs, students can work in government organizations and large companies to find solutions to the challenges facing the world today.

This campus bachelor's degree allows Colombians to receive a tuition contribution of $1,500 per semester.
This campus bachelor’s degree allows Colombians to receive a tuition contribution of $1,500 per semester. , Photo: University of Harrisburg

“Currently there are over 1.15 million jobs in cyber security for which people completing this master’s degree can apply. This source of work, based on experience, offers an average salary of six digits in dollars”, Rector is telling.

Earning a master’s degree on this campus allows Colombians to receive a contribution to their tuition of $1,500 per semester. “Similarly, the first 10 students who reach these programs and meet all admission requirements may or may not be”50 percent of the cost of the master’s degree, and opt for a scholarship of up to one hundred percent For those who achieve outstanding academic achievement,” Huggins says.

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