Bill Clinton Took A Shot At Donald Trump: Here’s What He Said

A former president hit out at another former president when asked a question on a late-night talk show.

What happened: In an appearance on last week’s “Late Late Show with James Corden,” the former president bill clinton was the special guest.

Economy, international relations and aliens were among the major topics the two talked about.

cordon Clinton was also asked to participate in a segment called “Ask a President,” in which audience and staff members asked questions of the former president.

show that aired on Paramount Global paragraph para a Channel owned by CBS, Clinton answers what makes a good leader, which plant-based milk is the best and if we can see a female president.

Clinton replied yes that we will see a female president, a Latino president and a gay president in the years to come.

Clinton also shared that she drinks almond milk, but it is vodka that is her favorite plant-based drink.

To a question about fictional presidents, he replied: “I like Tony Goldwyn, I like Martin Sheen, I like Michael Douglas, I love Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman and Donald Trump.”

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Why this is important: Trump served as the 45th President of the United States In the 2016 election, Trump was defeated Hillary ClintonBill Clinton’s wife.

Hillary Clinton and Trump have a long-running feud, which led to Clinton’s remarks on a late night talk show. The rest of the names sung by Clinton included presidents portrayed in movies or television shows.

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Hillary Clinton has ruled out another race for US President. Neither Trump nor current President Joe Biden, the last two presidents, have announced their intentions for the 2024 election, but both are expected to run.

owned by trump Trump Media and Technology Group Working to become a publicly traded company with a pending SPAC merger Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC,

Photo: Anthony Correa (Clinton) and Evan El-Amin (Trump) via Shutterstock

Original Publication: 2022-06-21

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