Billie Eilish brings back the 2009 side fringe

There’s no one like Billie Eilish, because he’s *probably* the only person who has general zoo We were all fascinated (in the best way, O.C.).

Now, this means that when it comes to her career and daily life, she is a self-confessed jack of all trades that we can’t get enough of. Chart Topping Hit Singer? Yes. The TikTok trendsetter (read: shaggy wolf cut hairstyle)? Mastered it. And let’s not forget about their ability to influence others to dress as they wish and not conform to the ‘rules’ of any style. We. love. To. Look This.

TBH, when it comes to Billy, we can go on and on, but let’s move on to her most recent hairstyle because we predict that in the times to come, this will be a significant watershed moment in beauty. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So, some context: Back in February this year, Billie brought back short black bangs and since then, she’s shown just how versatile a face-framing cut can be. Not only has she worn her fringe down the middle (see her 2022 Met Gala look) but now, she’s taken us back to 2009 and styled it to the side.

Take a look at her recent Instagram carousel where she debuted the look alongside Diane Reeves and Blondie:

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We think this is a trendy and very chic take on the Y2K side fringe.

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Not only do we love fringe but we are also living for tousled curls. It is giving off old Hollywood glamour.

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