Brandon Judd on ID cards issued to illegals: ‘Clear advantage’ to migrants, not to ICE agents

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Border Patrol Council Chairman Brandon Judd joined Neil Cavuto on Wednesday to address the Biden administration’s plans to give out ID cards to illegal immigrants at the southern border on “Your World.”

Brandon Judd: When you look at these ID cards and when they — ICE — are saying it’s going to help immigration officials. Look, I’m an immigration officer. I can tell you. I don’t know how an ID card will help me do my job better or more effectively.

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what i know is going to happen Clear benefits to illegal immigrants If they were issued in the United States with these ID cards. Then they can go to the states, and they can use those ID cards.

The states that will give them the driving license will eventually use it as an ID for verification. It would also allow them to report to the CIS Civil Immigration Service, which would then facilitate their work permits.

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again, enforcement isn’t helping, but it is A definite advantage for these illegal immigrants, And the problem with that is that it’s just another magnet. This is another invitation to violate our laws.

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it’s going to be something like Cartel is going to use In order to advertise your services around the world, saying, now, look, you are also going to get an ID card which is going to provide a lot of these different things that you can potentially get in the United States . It doesn’t make any sense.

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