Bulls and Bears of the Week: Why Meta, Netflix, Tesla, Coinbase and Ethereum Haven’t Merged Yet

Offering a 24/7 news feed, live chat and charting software on Benzinga Pro, Benzinga has examined the prospects of many investors’ favorite stocks over the past week.

Investors were digesting a lot of the data this week about major companies reporting earnings, including Alphabet Inc. GOOG, General Motors Company GM, Apple Inc. AAPL And Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, Meanwhile, the Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points for the second month in a row.

  • The S&P 500 gained 9.1% for the month of July, its best July since 1939. The Dow Industrial Average rose 6.7% in July, while the Nasdaq Composite climbed 12% during the month.
  • Benzinga continues to examine the prospects for many of the most popular stocks among investors. Here are some of the most bullish and bearish posts from the past week that are worth another look.


“Facebook parent’s Metaverse unit loses $2.8B in Q2, but Zuckerberg sure unlocks ‘billions, trillions’ over time,” by Samyukta Sriram Meta Platform Inc. meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s A long-term bullish outlook on investing in the Metaverse.

“Is ‘The Gray Man’ the Next Netflix Franchise? Here’s How Many People Watched It and What’s Next,” Chris Katje reveals what’s next for “The Gray Man,” one of the biggest hits after the film became one of netflix inc NFLX,

“Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Says Merge Is ‘Not Worth It Yet,’” by Samyukta Sriram Explains Why Ethereum ETH/USD creator Vitalik Buterin It doesn’t look like the price of the merge will be fixed until after that happens.

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Fund Manager Says Tesla Might Get Debt Rating Upgrade This Quarter: Why Would That Be a Big Deal?


“Top Kelley Blue Book Executive on Why Tesla’s Market Share Will Fall in the Next 5 Years,” by AJ Fabino, Looks at Why Michelle KrebsauSenior Director of Automotive Relations Cox Automotive, They say Tesla Inc. TSLA The market share may see a major decline in the coming years.

“Kathy Wood Dumps $75 Million Of Coinbase Stock After Huge Loss After Huge Loss,” Details By Shanti Rexline kathy wood-led ark investment management decision to eliminate a large part of Coinbase Global, Inc. coin This week.

Outlines the recession of “The Roku Earning Disaster: ‘This Feels Like a TiVo to Me,'” by Joel Elkonin of Roku Inc. stop Shares post its second-quarter earnings loss on Friday.

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