California man charged in construction site burglary reaches Bingham County on plea

BLACKFOOT – One of the two men charged in the Pocatello and Shelley construction site burglary has reached a settlement with the Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office.

Oscar Orlando Herrera, 57, has pleaded guilty to a revised charge of evasion from possession, according to court documents. In return, the prosecutor would dismiss a theft charge.

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Herrera and 21-year-old Jobson Enoch García Bacca were arrested in Pocatello on the morning of January 15, when officers found them driving a van loaded with equipment worth about $20,000, which was reported stolen. Charges were filed against both men in connection with a construction site burglary in Shelley while they were being held in Bannock County.

Herrera was charged with felony theft and robbery for the Shelley crimes.

After a plea agreement was reached in Bannock County, both men were ordered to serve probation and released from prison to appear in court in Bingham County.

Jobson Enoch Garcia Bacca
Jobson Enoch Garcia Bacca | Bannock County Jail

Herrera attended court and reached a plea deal. As part of the deal, the prosecutor will recommend probation to run alongside the probation period obtained in Bannock County. The prosecutor has also agreed to recommend a sentence of at least 10 years in prison.

He is to be sentenced by District Judge Darren Simpson on September 9.

García Baca was a no-show on the court. A warrant for his arrest was issued on June 29.

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