Cara Delevingne showed off her illness at the Met Gala and was met with radically different reactions

Coming from one of the richest families in the UK and working with the best people in the fashion industry are usually the two desires of most amateur models. Luckily, Cara Delevingne has both of these. Using her million following and vast network of connections, Cara is one of the few names in the fashion industry who has consistently used her fame to advocate for a cause. However, in her most recent appearance at the Met Gala, her attempt to make a statement received polarizing reactions from fans.

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What did Cara Delevingne do that caused a radically different reaction from fans? Is Cara Delevingne Seriously Ill? What has Kara said about her illness? Keep reading to find out…

What did Cara Delevingne do at the Met Gala?

Every year, the Met Gala invites the most famous stars, wealthiest influencers and top models and artists in America. Cara Delevingne deserves to be invited into at least two categories: first, she is Britain’s highest-paid model; Second, she is a well-decorated actress best known for her role as the sorceress in Suicide Squad, which received “horrific” criticism.

The British supermodel has been present at the Met Gala since 2011, proving that Vogue’s longtime editor-in-chief and Met Gala organizer Anna Wintour recognized her presence in the fashion industry more than a decade ago.

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Cara has received polarizing reactions from fashion enthusiasts during her 11 years of attending the Met. However, her outfit for this year’s Met Gala received the most polarizing comments. Dressed in a red velvet suit, she stunned the media when she took off her top and showed off gold-tinted psoriasis marks on her upper body.

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Who Styled Cara Delevingne for the Met Gala?

Showcasing her gold-tinted torso, Cara Delevingne didn’t shy away from the 2022 Met Gala theme ‘gilded glamour’. Her team included Romi Soleimani, who did her makeup that focused on enhancing her bisexual beauty; Mara Roszak, who did her gold-inspired hairstyle; And Dior, which gave her the suit, was all responsible for her Met look.

Cara Delevingne does not conform to the traditional fashion norms as she is the one who proudly flaunts her visible tattoos. Since tattoos don’t always compliment the overall theme that a designer has on a fashion line, it makes it more difficult for a model like Cara to book a job.

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Since models are pushing mannequins who wear designer’s original clothes on runways and photo shoots, one of the first criteria most modeling agencies have is no tattoos for models. However, with the help of their mentor Tyra Banks and her bisexual beauty, the brand has moved on from seeing Cara’s lower arm tattoos as she is now considered one of the best supermodels around the world.

What is Cara Delevingne’s skin condition?

As an actress, it is challenging to handle all the spotlight on you as soon as you gain a following. As a model, it is more difficult to take all the criticism about one’s body as the work mainly involves being in front of the camera and being judged for their physical appearance.

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Cara is also fighting bashers in 2020, when Instagram followers kept leaving toxic weight comments on her selfies. But for Cara, both an actress and a model, criticism has no place in her life, but the stress of looking good was so severe it already gave her psoriasis.

Psoriasis, a disease that makes a person feel red, itchy skin, is incurable and there are many reasons to trigger its spread in the body. Kara opened up about her psoriasis in her interview with W, saying, “It [Psoriasis showing up] Only happened during Fashion Week!” she said. “Definitely, the worst time of year for me [Cara] To cover in crust.”

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Since she has been battling her skin ailment for quite some time now, she has learned to hide it in different ways. For example, she’ll get her psoriasis tinted before the runway so that her skin looks the same in all shades. So, it was nothing new for the Met Gala to repaint your psoriasis, but what was new was the gold paint used to cover up.

What Are Fans Saying About Cara Delevingne’s Psoriasis?

Even before the Met Gala, Kara fans were happy to see one of their favorite models battling the same ailment that some of them have. Saying how ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’ she is for showing off her psoriasis to millions, Kara proves that having this skin disease is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, other fashion enthusiasts have also criticized Cara Delevingne for her psoriasis gold painting. Some critics say it seems ‘inappropriate’ to show off your psoriasis in a way that may set an unrealistic standard for girls to cover up their disease to be more beautiful.

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Nonetheless, Cara continues to advocate for the worldwide acceptance of psoriasis as a common skin disease. Along with her other advocacy such as gender equality, she consistently uses her platform to raise awareness for women’s rights, especially young girls.

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