Cassius digital care tech saves council millions

7:00 pm August 1, 2022

Suffolk County Council has been estimated to have saved £4.2 million in the past year through the adoption of new digital care technology.

Launched in July 2021, Cassius provides digital care technology to promote the independence of individuals in Suffolk.

The service aims to enable people to be independent for longer periods of time and help them live safely at home.

Types of technology include motion sensors, smart watches, wearable devices, fall prevention devices, and technology to meet special needs.

Estimated £4.2 million of savings in the previous year, based on cost avoidance savings calculated with a “reliable and controlled method”.

The chiefs also said that Cassius has improved the lives of 1,600 people by installing more than 2,600 digital technologies.

Using health data running from December 2021 to July 2022, they also calculated that the implementation of the technology could have avoided 118 ambulance call-outs and prevented 170 days of hospital admissions.

Councilor Rebecca Hopfensper, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, said: “Cassius has exceeded all of our expectations and our social work practitioners are rapidly becoming the most digitally advanced in the country.

“We developed this service from scratch and this data is a testament to how you can transform the Services and continue to provide positive experiences and benefits to everyone.”

She continued: “Most important, though, is the impact on people’s lives which has been amazing to see and we’re getting some great feedback from people using technology.”

Cassius is a partnership between Suffolk County Council, Alcove, an intelligent care technology ecosystem, and Rethink Partners, an organization dedicated to improving health and care services.

Owners say that one of the success factors of their technology is that it is adapted to a person’s individual circumstances, ensuring that it meets specific needs.

Helen Bowe, chief executive of Alcove, said: “We plan to grow the service and are looking at more health integrations, exciting functionality and new ways to incorporate data on our platform for people to see more results. Huh.”

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