How Do I Permanently Delete my POF Account in 2022

delete pof permanently

From our side, we find a definite success story for everyone who has deleted their POF accounts. But before you leave, we would like to know if we have done anything wrong or if you have found your soulmate from this online platform named Plenty of Fish.  You can always be honest here because we … Read more

PCNOK (Patient Care Network) – Capable of Providing Any Type of Solution

PCNOK (Patient Care Network)

Overview of PCNOK: PCNOK (Patient Care Network) is a digital health solution for the support of chronically ill and elderly people. It provides care and rehabilitation as well as for the aging population.  Due to social alienation, movement restrictions caused by covid distress, and sedentary lifestyles resulting from them, the need for online monitoring solutions … Read more

3 Best Online Audio Courses in 2022

If you are looking for online audio courses in 2022, then you are at the right place. This article will give you information about the top 5 best online audio courses in 2022. These courses can help you learn about your career path and prepare you for upcoming job interviews. These online audio courses are … Read more

Dublinbased Flipdish 40m Tiger Global Managementlewinsifted

dublinbased flipdish tiger global managementlewinsifted

The online food ordering platform dublinbased flipdish 40m global managementlewinsifted has obtained EUR40 million of investment from one of largest investment firms in America. The company, founded by Conor and James McCarthy and active in 15 European businesses, is planning to increase the customers’ demand in the aftermath of the outbreak. Tiger Global Management has … Read more

Banbury’s swimming pool emissions have decreased thanks to new technology

Outdoor pool at Woodgreen Leisure Center (Photo from Woodgreen Leisure Center Facebook page) The new technology has helped reduce carbon emissions at the council-run swimming pool in Banbury. The energy used to heat its swimming pool has historically been one of Cherwell District Council’s largest sources of carbon emissions, but now recent upgrades mean that … Read more