‘Cinema Paradiso’ TV Series in the Works, Giuseppe Tornatore Directing

The 1989 Academy Award-winning film will be remastered by Tornator as a six-episode streaming series.

Giuseppe Tornatore is bringing “cinema” to the small screen.

The Oscar-winning writer/director is set to turn his 1989 classic film “Cinema Paradiso” into a six-episode streaming series, as Variety first reported. Tornatore will write and direct the TV show produced by Marco Bellardi (“Perfect Strangers”) through his Bamboo Production banner. Bellardi revealed that the series is set to land on a major American streamer.

“Cinema Paradiso” tells the story of a stunning Sicilian cinema house where a young boy named Toto falls in love with the film. “Cinema Paradiso” won a Special Jury Award at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival and later won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990. A restored version of the film was re-released in the UK in 2020. Tornator’s last feature film was the 2021 documentary “The Glance of Music”, about legendary composer Ennio Morricone, who composed the score for the original film.

Producer Bellardi said in a press statement that the “Cinema Paradiso” series “will be the same storyline of the film, but in expanded form with different different narratives,” confirming that Tornator is currently writing the treatment and pilot. Which is the plan. Show to premiere in 2023.

As Bellardi said, the series will highlight “the strength of a mother, the solidarity of a friend, sex as a taboo, forced relocation, migration, and marked social differences”. The main characters’ backstories for the fictional Sicilian village of Giancaldo, where the film takes place, will also be expanded, in the context of the rise of filmmaking in Italy’s post-World War II era.

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Bellardi additionally shared that he is considering a documentary about how “Cinema Paradiso” came about from a creative and production standpoint; However, this document is not yet flagged.

Bellardi’s Bamboo Production recently cemented a multi-picture deal with Netflix to produce two to three unspecified Italian original films for the streaming platform, as well as acquire the streaming rights for three other films. Other bamboo projects include a bio-series on Italian singer-actor Franco Califano, a series on the Milanese mob, and Italian historian and “Son of M. Country” author Antonio Scurati.

“Cinema Paradiso” writer/director Tornator is one of many filmmakers who are now looking to turn their past projects into television series. “Irma Vape” writer Olivier Assayas reimagined his 1996 meta film for an HBO series starring Alicia Vikander and cited the need to finance European-focused productions.

“Irma Vape” writer-director Assass recently explained to the Los Angeles Times, “We’re at a moment of very profound transformation of what we call cinema in terms of aesthetics, in terms of funding, in terms of viewing. Huh.” “Irma Wep,’ the original one and so on, one foot in the past and one foot in the present.”

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