CITA Award. The latest precision technology for planting and fertilizing all seeders

On Monday, July 25, at the La Rural Fairgrounds in Palermo, the XIV edition of CITA, the Prize for Innovation in Agricultural Technology, was held. The event has been organized for 14 years, inviting companies and tech entrepreneurs to share their innovations with the entire agro-industrial community.

The award recognizes and encourages entrepreneurs who have a vision for the future and are committed to research and development; For technical teams that channel their intelligence into discovery and application; and is responsible for those public and private institutions that define the terms of potential for technological development.

In this version, plants was imposed on Seeding Equipment & Accessories Category received VED750. Silver Award for, variable rate motor; and this Special Mention in the Precision Farming Category with ActiveSingulationautomatic screw.

plants It is this cutting-edge planting that opens up a new future for the Argentine countryside. It stands out from the crowd after betting on innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and more modern design to maximize its odds.

vED750 is a Electrical drive for sowing and fertilization sections which allows to achieve an optimum planting density and to apply the appropriate fertilization dose with precision for each environment and each segment. It is suitable for all seeders, and also for air drill and air planter machines with a centralized hopper for dosing and supply systems.

In general, boxed transmission systems do not allow the desired dosage to be achieved and make site-specific management impossible. Efficient use of inputs requires variable dosing and automatic section cutting. Hence, vED750 is innovation in applied technology that brings reliable and highly sustainable solutions.

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The invasive effect of screw varies with the speed of sowing and the size and shape of the seed. This is why it is not possible to achieve a maximum single if the screw does not allow the speed to be controlled.

Singulation dealer discs always have the ability to seed singles (no doubles or skips)

ActiveSingulation receives special mention for precision agriculture After achieving maximum singulation at any speed, reduce the risk of double seeds and discard for any type of crop.

The electric drive for the Ecoro screw ensures greater productivity as its fine adjustment of screw position allows dynamic single control, ensuring always one seed at a time, in all crops and at any speed. It can operate in automatic mode, or can be adjusted from the tractor cabin to save time and thus avoid braking and mechanically controlling the furrow by furrow. ActiveSingularion requires virtually no maintenance, ensuring successful seeding season after season.

It should be noted that the company has already received the CITA Silver Award in 2021 for innovation in agricultural technology, sprinkler category: Terran – ocuWeed, Multipurpose Robot with Artificial Intelligence, 100% Autonomous and Modular.

new products will be new agricultural superpowerProviding high quality, increasing yield efficiencies and maximizing profitability, pushing all limits.


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