Coda is now Coda Labs. pocket

Publishing platform Coda has been rebranded and is now known as Coda Labs. Since it was founded in 2019, Coda Labs has published games that total over 100 million downloads and 15,000 mobile game developers in its ecosystem. The rebranding will see a shift in the company’s focus as it seeks to develop and launch the Web3 gaming experience.

Earlier this year Coda Labs launched its first Web3 product, Infinite Arcade, which serves as a way for developers to integrate Play to Earn and NFT features into their existing titles. Following the launch of Infinite Arcade and the new rebranding, the company appears to be looking to its future in developing first-party Web3 games and creating Web3 technology solutions for third-party titles.

Better for developers, better for players

Commenting on the company’s future, Sekip Kan Goklup, Founder and CEO, Coda Labs, said, “The current model of platform fees and paid user acquisition is a boon for large tech platforms and places a heavy burden on developers. Will focus more on the community, and give developers access to new and effective retention tools and revenue streams through on-chain technologies.Ultimately we believe that empowering developers means even better for players There will be content.

Gokalp also said that mobile gaming and Web3 have a huge amount to offer each other and that the company aims to create fun games using blockchain technology that will create new opportunities for game developers.

The team currently has several other projects in the works and recently announced a partnership with Laguna Games and Zaibatsu Interactive to create a Web3 mobile game for the Crypto Unicorn community, a unicorn pet collection game .

Coda Labs is also backed by investors such as Supercell. Supercell is on our list of the current top 50 game makers.

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