CoinBasket becomes the first crypto startup in the United States to launch single click portfolio investing for Coinbase users

Created with the aim of solving the challenges faced by crypto investors in studying and investing in crypto assets like crypto tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), CoinBasket simplifies the entire process by offering thematic and sector-based crypto baskets like its Moon making. Basket, Goat Basket, NFT & Gaming Basket, Internet Sensation Basket and many more that are in the pipeline. Boasting 0% transaction fees and starting with as little as an initial investment $200, KoinBasket does not require investors to input any secret API key or go through a separate KYC process. This is because the platform allows Coinbase users to access their exchange accounts using their existing login credentials instead of taking the risky secret API key approach, without losing control of their funds and crypto assets. Additionally, Coinbase users can trade multiple crypto tokens at once with CoinBasket’s basket order feature, while its unique health check engine examines crypto data for both red flags and lucrative investment opportunities, to help them take quick action. alerts and rebalance their portfolio accordingly.

CoinBasket’s collaboration with Coinbase will change the way the world invests in crypto assets, elaborating on the founder and CEO Khalilulla Begi Pinch, “Investing in crypto assets can be both lucrative and terrifying, given the astonishing return on investment and the inherent volatility displayed by most crypto assets. At KoinBasket, we believe that investing in well-researched and curated baskets can be more rewarding in the long run and provide a hassle-free option for millions of investors who are still investing in this fast-growing asset class. are considering doing.”

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He added“With this partnership with Coinbase, CoinBasket will cater to over 300 million crypto users across the world’s top crypto exchanges and bowl them over with our secure, convenient and user-friendly investment interface that helps them build a diversified crypto exchange.” The portfolio offers broad market exposure beyond the top cryptocurrencies. With more baskets, including those focused on decentralized finance (DeFi), CoinBasket will soon become synonymous with ETF/index investing, but not for crypto assets “

With the ability to manage your portfolio intuitively on a single dashboard, CoinBasket’s engine compiles complex crypto data and current market trends, past performance, and more to create a ready-to-invest diversified crypto basket according to investor preferences. and analyzes evaluations. With over 10,000 crypto assets listed on various crypto exchanges today, CoinBasket is leading the cause in helping investors make the most optimal investment decisions when it comes to crypto assets.

About CoinBasket:

KoinBasket is solving the diversified investment challenge for >300 million crypto investors globally. Retail investors live in constant fear and self-doubt about their investment decisions made in the backdrop of the social media frenzy and FOMO. The startup empowers investors to buy and sell crypto baskets through their respective crypto exchange accounts. Therefore, the platform neither seeks custody of funds and assets nor demands any trade execution rights.

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