CompTIA Spark helps youth to unlock their potential and imagine new possibilities through technology

The independent social impact organization, previously founded by Creating IT Futures and CompTIA, will provide middle school students with an innovative online technology learning center.

Downers Grove, Ill., August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With a new, specific focus on youth programming and a single-purpose commitment to helping youth unlock their potential through technology, Creating IT Futures has renamed itself CompTIA Spark, The social impact non-profit organization made the announcement today.

CompTIA Spark will focus on providing high quality technical education and resources to middle school students through an innovative online learning hub. Building on the success of TechGirlz, a program that provides tech-focused learning opportunities for 11-14 year old girls, CompTIA Spark aims to make technology engaging, accessible and inclusive for middle school students, who are passionate about their interests. are at the critical age to detect.

“Our mission is to spark interest in technology because in today’s digitally driven world, technological fluency is as important to future success as reading, writing and math,” said Charles EatonCEO of CompTIA Spark. “Young people have big and diverse dreams, but it is clear that whatever path or passion young people choose, technology education will play an important role in their journey.”

The CompTIA Spark Middle School programme, to be launched during the 2022-23 school year, will be delivered through an online learning hub that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The Hub is designed as a one-stop shop for students and teachers to access fun, inspiring technology-related courses and resources, ranging from artificial intelligence and cyber security to mobile app development, podcasting, graphic design and more. Some are included. The programs serve a diverse range of learning preferences and interests and can be taught by any adult who wants to bring high quality technical education to their students or community, whether they have technical experience or not.

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A unique feature of the Learning Hub allows content to be mapped to students’ current interests and curated into various “career groups” – from finance to construction and marketing to the arts. Students can discover career paths and future learning opportunities that align with their passions, strengths and growing abilities and confidence.

“Almost every career in today’s digital world is a tech career. There are so many great job opportunities that require technical knowledge and don’t have enough skilled people to fill those roles. Thousands of rewarding, well-meaning Well-paid jobs will remain unfinished unless expanded to create a pipeline of new, diverse talent,” Eaton said. “This is why CompTIA Spark’s middle school programming will make a huge impact on the lives of thousands of young people, even as they ultimately choose a career in the tech industry. We want to show students that technology is for everyone – and that’s all. No coding or computer engineering.”

Along with the middle school program, CompTIA Spark will continue to support other programs with a focus on youth, including TechGirls, acquired by CompTIA in 2019, CyberPrep Explore and CyberPrep ITF+.

While an independent non-profit, CompTIA Spark serves as the social innovation and impact arm of CompTIA—the leading nonprofit association for the IT industry and workforce—that founded the organization. This unique connection with CompTIA means that CompTIA Spark remains engaged with developments in the industry, keeping pace with its continued growth. Additionally, its curriculum ties in with genuine certifications, which helps provide a clear future path for students who want to take their interest to the next level.

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About CompTIA Spark

CompTIA Spark is a social impact organization that works to unlock the potential of people through technology. It aims to bring high quality technical education to youth – regardless of their background – by making technology exciting, accessible and inclusive, and building skills and confidence for life. The organization was founded in 1998 by CompTIA, a non-profit association for the IT industry and workforce. Formerly known as Creating IT Futures, CompTIA Spark is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Learn more at

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