Crypto This Week on Twitter: Wikipedia Accused of Politics, Coinbase-Bored App Collab Widely Mocked

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Leading Cryptocurrency value received This week, despite the US Federal Reserve’s announcement on Wednesday that interest rates would be raised by an additional 75 basis points to tackle inflation.

Usually, such announcements are harmful to the crypto markets. Last month, the Fed raised 75 basis points, the fastest increase since 1994. crypto prices heavy crash As borrowing costs rose, investors dumped riskier assets. no such answer came This timeNotable seven-day price gains were posted with all major cryptocurrencies.

a heated debate The fury now is whether the United States, after two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, is in recession. The White House doesn’t think.

The debate has become so intense that Wikipedia has set permissions to edit it “recession” For the page to be “semi-protected,” which means new or rare users will have to wait four days and make 10 edits to other pages before editing the article.

Wikipedia’s Security Policy They say: “Semi-safety is useful when there is a significant amount of interference or vandalism from new or unregistered users.”

The news upset Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, but At least he extended a helping hand.

And he confirmed the meeting with the Turkish Finance Minister, Nureddin Nebati.

In April 2021, Turkey’s central bank banned crypto payments despite the country being part of the world Highest per capita crypto usage, However, a report of bloomberg Confirmed country in May is draft regulations to control the market. A tentative proposal requires crypto companies to have at least 100 million lira ($5.6 million), while global exchanges and lenders looking to expand into Turkish territory may have to open branch offices that will be charged by the government. tax may be levied.


In other CEO news, bitcoin maximalist and microstrategy boss Michael Sayler, who has had eye-watering $3.98 billion Bitcoin remains more likely under the water Stands firmly on investment.

Sailor casts shadow on Ethereum in a video interview earlier this month, which means that the world’s second favorite cryptocurrency is a centralized security. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin was not happy, responding to a tweet about it this week.

Buterin also gave his opinion on corporate efforts to build the Metaverse. Hint: He doesn’t think Mark Zuckerberg will corner the market.

Responding to his original tweet, Buterin elaborated that he believes Meta’s metaverse pivot will fail because it is too early.

‘web3 bingo cringe festival’

Coinbase teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club to produce a three-part Metaverse-themed film called “The Daegon Trilogy”. The first part was released on Tuesday.

The film revolves around the plot or with little sense of mystery or drama. It’s actually a five-minute crypto shill. Crypto Twitter widely banned the project. And someone had better check whether crypto podcaster Kobi was still answering his phone.

On second thought, he’s fine.

A tweeter known as the Coin Bureau suggested reporting the film to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CoinCorner CEO Danny Scott wants his five minutes before.

And finally, in a related note, multi-platinum hip hop producer Ila Da Producer announced that he has joined the BAYC team at Era Labs.

Ila is known for her frequent collaborations crypto lover Rap legend Eminem.

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