Crypto Weekly Roundup: Ethereum’s Goerli Merger…

US regulatory bodies such as the SEC and the Treasury Department are becoming stricter towards crypto exchanges. While crypto exchange Kraken is being investigated for alleged sanction violations, Coinbase is under the microscope for conducting digital asset trading, which the SEC may treat as securities. Come learn more.


Despite still being reasonably underwater on his bitcoin bets, el salvador Looking to the future of its citizens, understanding that adopting new technology takes time.


ETH developers are working hard in preparation for the final testnet merge scheduled for early August. They recently announced the final details for the final test phase Sickness Before the long-awaited official merger.

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Addressed the upcoming merge and talked about all the other network upgrades that will take place at a conference on Wednesday.


A new governance protocol has named Jonathan Howard as the new CEO or ‘Head Chef’ at Sushi Swap, However, the proposed pay package has created outrage in the community.

Uniswap’s community took a big step in this direction”duty switch”, which could have significant implications for both the Uniswap protocol and all UNI token holders.

Founder of Wonderland (Time) Danielle Sestagalli Announced his return to DeFi with a disappointing tweet.


Ava Labs President John Woo Recently sat down for an interview with Anthony Pompliano and discussed what the future holds for Avalanche (AVX).


A recent study has predicted an exponential growth in Metaverse Real Estate And it is estimated that the value invested in this sector will increase to more than $5 billion by 2026.


The CEO of KuCoin crypto exchange Johnny Liu has announced his plans to launch a fund that will target deal with FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the crypto market.

Mexican food chain company Chipotle has launched a limited-time stock market manipulation game called “.buy lamp”, which will give $200,000 worth of cryptocurrency.


Senator Pat Tommy wrote Letter SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, earlier this week, blamed crypto companies for their lack of regulatory clarity, which resulted in billions in losses to US consumers.

ShapeShift CEO Eric Voorhees gave advice FTX CEO Sam Banksman-Fried didn’t let the sector become embroiled in a distorted and deeply corrupt legacy system.

Formula 1 teams are forced to comply with advertising laws in France, which Prohibits display of ads Not registered with AMF of crypto firms.

US Treasury Department is Kraken’s investigation For suspected sanctions violations, including allowing Iranians and others to transact digital assets on its platform.

According to a Bloomberg report, the SEC is reportedly Coinbase Check On whether it improperly allowed Americans to trade digital assets that were registered as securities.

Lawmakers from both the Democratic and Republican parties introduced a crypto tax bill For the Senate that would exempt transactions under $50.


The City of Miami is starting work on a massive Web3 project, where it will partner with Time, MasterCard and Salesforce to launch. Over 5000 NFTs,

Gary Vaynerchuk’s We Friends Shut It Down seed funding round With an investment of $50 million from investment firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

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