Culturama Festival: Oscar Astro Browne crowned Casio King of Nevis

Culturama Festival: Oscar Astro Browne crowned Casio King of Nevis
Culturama Festival: Oscar Astro Browne crowned Casio King of Nevis

nevisThe small island nation of Nevis is witnessing a celebration of authentic and vibrant culture through the staging of the Culturama Festival. Oscar Astro Brown was crowned Caso King of Nevis at the festival, which unifies the national and Nevisian Caso King titles.

Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement, extended his heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Oscar Astro Brown on this achievement. He said that sometimes we should stop and recognize the greatness in them. Last night Oscar Astro Brown was crowned Caso King of Nevis, still unifying the national and Nevisian Caso King titles. He is the only Nevisian who has managed to achieve this remarkable feat.

The premier said, “I would like to publicly record my personal greetings from little King Astro to my brother and recognize him publicly because now we must all acknowledge that he is among the greatest of Caesonians. What our country has ever seen.”

Mark Brantley said, “King, my brother, may God continue to bless, guide and protect you. You are loved by all, and you deserve every praise.”

Read here: Oscar Astro Brown’s statement on his special day:

I am not obliged to win. I am bound to just keep trying and do the best I can every day.”

The above mantra has been my driving force in preparation for this year’s Kulturama 48 Senior Caso Competition. The grace of the Almighty and the support of my wife, son, relatives and friends has kept me hooked throughout this journey.

Season by season, I rely on my songwriter Krigton Crusader Panchen to pen my vision of a winning piece, and for this season, he worked in grand style. It is my deep belief that “De Spell” is our most creative masterpiece to date, closely challenged by the brilliance of “Movie”. The double pieces cemented my belief that our journey back to the top was well chartered. Pencheon, wherever this journey takes me, I am definitely taking you with me.

Two of my contributions to the art form, the first being De Spell were recorded, mixed and mastered at Cliffett Ip Isaac’s Atlantic Studios, and the movie was recorded, mixed and mastered at Massablu’s Country Kitchen. In the end, the “food” resulted in a delightful culinary experience. IP Isaac & Corey Tyson & Team, Grow Yourself!

Band! Kulturama Allstar Band!! This band, along with backup singers, did an exceptional job reproducing my songs and making sure everything flowed smoothly and melodically. I sincerely hope that they continue to be the mainstay of this event.

My on-stage performers, stage director, fashion designer and props producer ensured that my final performances were properly organized and executed. I am eternally grateful for your touch and insight. Thank You!

To my fans, cheerleaders and well-wishers in Nevis, St. Kitts and other regions, I feel your love, enthusiasm and energy. I felt your unwavering support. Thank you and take the bow with me.

I must use this opportunity to congratulate the Ministry of Social Development, the sponsors, and the Kalturama Committee and Subcommittee for consistently providing this platform for us, the social commentators, to comment on our various topics and issues. We are proud of our product! Kulturama is for all of us!

In the same breath, I must applaud the brutality of all the Calypsonians in this contest. We must continue to showcase our talents and perpetuate this peculiar kind of tradition. It is certain that without all of you there could never be King Astro. You have inspired and inspired me over the years. You are all deeply, deeply appreciated.

I end where I started;

“I’m not obliged to win. I’m just obliged to keep trying and do the best I can every day.”

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