Denzel Washington’s Best Law Enforcement Roles, Ranked

Denzel Washington Acting since the late ’70s, his first film was a made-for-television film Wilma (based on American track and field star Wilma Rudolph), and since then, he has appeared in over 45 films over the past 40 years. Not just confined to the big screen, Washington is also acting in stage (theatre) performances like Broadway raisins in the sun And snowman cometh, One of only five male actors to have earned Academy Award nominations in five different decades, Denzel Washington was named Best Actor of the 21st Century by the New York Times, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2022.

With such a vast filmography, some of the same genre patterns have appeared over and over again in Washington. In his stage and film career, he has played roles in several Shakespeare plays. He has acted in many biopics, such as Malcolm X And storm, However, the genres that stand out to Washington are crime/law enforcement and drama; with iconic films like training Day, flame man, American Gangster, even more. Here are Denzel Washington’s best law enforcement roles, ranked.

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6 Fantastic Seven (2016)

A neo-Western law enforcement film, and a remake of the 1960 film of the same name, the magnificent Seven Follows US Marshal Sam Chisholm (Denzel Washington) as he recruits six more bounty hunter-esque men to help liberate the town of Rose Creek. Established in 1879, Rose Creek was occupied by outlaw Baron Bartholomew Bogg, leading some townspeople to recruit Chisholm to save the town. Not only starring Denzel Washington, the magnificent Seven There are also stars like Chris Pratt, Haley Bennett and Ethan Hawke; Among a very wide cast. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, with a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 54% on Metacritic. Critics, however, praised Washington’s lead performance as Chisholm.

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5 Out of Time (2003)

When Police Chief Matt Whitlock (Washington) gets caught up in a new, tumultuous romance with an old flame, the decision he makes about that love (stealing money from a drug thief for his cancer treatment) is his brings disastrous results. A thriller film directed by Carl Franklin, and co-starring Eva Mendes (Denzel Washington’s frequent collaborator) out of time It received very good reviews among critics (64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and 63% rating on Metacritic), with most calling it a “fun action flick” of a film. Although not as critically acclaimed as his other films, Washington received several “Best Actor” nominations for his role in the film.

4 Ricochet (1991)

Another thriller film, this time at the behest of director Russell Mulcahy, ricochet Follows the story of Police to Assistant District Attorney Nick Stiles (Washington) as he seeks revenge on former hitman Earl Blake (whom Styles had arrested eight years earlier). A very dark and gritty film (it was originally written for Clint Eastwood, who turned it down for being too serious), and even more violent before originally toning down the film before test screenings. Was, ricochet It received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences, received a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and made $21 million at the box office.

3 Inside Man (2006)

Directed by the ever great Spike Lee, inside Man Follows Detective Keith Frazier (Washington) as he negotiates a brutal hostage situation during a Wall Street heist led by Dalton Russell (Clive Owen). until a wild card known as Madeleine White (Jodie Foster) who is accused by her owner of guarding something in her vault is in the midst of a robbery. inside Man Praised as a “smart genre” film, and one of Spike Lee’s best films of all time. Nominated for twelve awards by at least nine different award shows (including several Best Director and Best Director nominations), inside Man Denzel became one of Washington’s most successful films.

2 The Mighty Quinn (1989)

One of Denzel Washington’s previous films, Mighty Quinn follows a Jamaican police chief by the name of Xavier Quinn, who is investigating the murder of millionaire Donald Pater. Most, including the crooked Governor Chalk, believe the murder was committed by a local criminal named Maubi. The only problem is that Quinn and Mauby have been friends since childhood, and Quinn doesn’t think he did. Display a mix of intrigue, politics, crime, mystery and the limits of friendship; Mighty Quinn The film became a critical success, receiving four stars from the coveted Roger Ebert, and many refer to it as one of Denzel Washington’s prime examples of “on-screen magnetism”.

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1 Training Day (2001)

One of Denzel Washington’s most acclaimed films, he received ten awards from several award groups (including several Best Actor awards), training Day Jake Hoyt (played by Ethan Hawke) as he goes out for a “training day” with famed LAPD Narcotics Detective Alonzo Harris, and experiences Harris’ gritty and corrupt world of law enforcement. Is. Critically acclaimed by most critics, training Day It was a huge success, receiving a prequel film and a one-season television show currently in production.

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