Director Taika Waititi is making headlines for more than just Thor: Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi may be one of the most talked-about directors in Hollywood for some strange reason for a man in his field. he recently told wired That before making his debut in filmmaking at the age of 30, he was a painter who raised even more questions surrounding the man. Small waves early on, most fans remember they had to make for FX back in 2014 what do we do in the shadows where he had several writer, director and actor credits for the vampire mockumentary.

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Those who didn’t get to experience the unique and ongoing comedy that the series is about were unexpectedly hit with the announcement that Waititi would be directing the 2017 Marvel blockbuster. Thor: Ragnarok, While he has certainly made his mark in the MCU, it is not the only thing that is keeping him in the limelight.

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Taika worked hard for her big break

Formally starting a filmmaking career at the age of 30 meant clearing a variety of obstacles for the now 46-year-old. However, although there was a turnaround in his career, it did not mean that he was oblivious to the industry. In fact, his earliest credits are from a 2002 short documentary where he worked in both the sound and camera departments. Making snake skin.

Soon after, he wrote and directed his own short film titled two cars, one night Which will come out in 2003. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film fifteen years before it later won it for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2020 for its 2019 film. jojo rabbit,

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While there is a significant gap between his awards and nominations, less so to his actual credit. In some way, shape, or form, Waititi has had a hand in the industry at least once a year since the beginning of 2002.

Taika’s relationship also made headlines

Perhaps even more interesting than her film history is Taika Waitit’s dating history. Back in 2011, Waititi married New Zealand native and filmmaker Chelsea Winstonley, with whom he had two daughters, Mateva Kiritapu and Te Hinkahu.

Though they remained cordial, the couple parted ways in 2018 but remained silent about it until 2020 when questions arose as to why they were no longer seen together.

However, until he was frequently spotted with British singer Rita Ora, no one came to question it other than a thought. Thor Co-star Tessa Thompson. Then fans everywhere speculated that the trio was embroiled in a messy love triangle or polygamy.

Somehow, all eyes were on him which was big news for someone who wasn’t constantly in front of the camera.

Later, Waititi and Ora confirmed that they were together and had been since early 2021.

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According to reports, the two also attended the Met Gala together and are believed to have got engaged earlier this year. Vanity Fair And the fan watch on a potential engagement ring. Both have received immense support from social media and both are biggest fans of each other.

internet loves our flag means death

This past Pride Month means a lot to many people across the United States, it also brought the LGBTQ+ series into the limelight. This meant that HBO Max’s our flag means death In which Taika Waititi portrays the deuteragonist Captain Blackbeard with the protagonist Stead Bonnet portrayed by Rhys Darby.

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The rom-com takes place in the early 1700s and follows Stead as he goes through life’s trials and tribulations from aristocrat to piracy and discovering his sexuality.

However the first season aired in its entirety in March 2022, with several episodes released per week. The show has been featured in several lists about the latest LGBTQ+ shows worth watching, including E! Best of 2022 where they narrate its unexpected and heartwarming stories.

After directing the first episode, Waititi’s character finally took center stage in episode three and stole the show. Her portrayal with the rest of the cast’s chemistry for one of the most talked about shows this past Pride Month.

When will Taika Waititi be back in the limelight?

With the past few years being incredibly busy and meaningful, it’s hard to imagine Waititi will slow down anytime soon. Waititi has currently completed the screenplay for the 2023 film titled The next goal wins, a U. working onTitled a Star Wars film in 2025, and just confirmed that he would write the screenplay for a reboot of the 1988 film, akira, These are definitely some of his formal assignments to come and he is not the type to stop working.

Knowing his extroverted and colorful personality, fans can expect more than just industry news from him before getting to know him. If the rumors of their engagement turn out to be true, fans can also expect a wedding in the near future.

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