Dodgers News: Latest Debut After Max Scherzer Blasts PitchCom Technology

Dodgers fans learned quickly last summer that starter Max Scherzer is never afraid to speak his mind or show his emotions. Whether he was losing it about being hit by Clayton Kershaw while Max was in the middle of a 0-for-52 meltdown or roaring after getting out of a jam, Scherzer is one of the most colorful characters in baseball.

During a nationally televised Mets-Yankees game on Wednesday, Scherzer used new pitchcom technology for the first time to relay signals with his catcher. Mad Max bowled seven innings of a shutout ball in the Mets’ 3-2 win over the Yankees and drew somewhat scathing reviews from Pitchcom (quote via The Athletic).

“Here’s what I would say about Pitchcom: It worked. Did it help? Yes. But I also think it must be illegal.”

The future Hall-of-Fame pitcher argued that sign theft is just “part of the game”.

“Stealing signals are part of the game. For me, I’ve always been proud of having a complex system of signals and having that advantage over other pitchers. So the fact that we’re taking it out of the game and we’re just technology.” Now you can’t steal the signs on the other. It’s part of baseball, trying to break someone’s signs.”

The three-time Cy Young champ signed with the New York Mets as a free agent this season and is pitching at that level (2.09 ERA), despite missing with an injury nearly two months before this season. This is what Dodgers fans have come to expect during his tenure. Last year in LA.

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Baseball fans as a whole have come to expect amusing moments from Scherzer, and the starter was given again on Wednesday night.

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