Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk interviews brutal Kyle and Jackie O

Elon Musk’s 76-year-old father has given a surprising interview to Australian radio, targeting his tech billionaire son and his controversial relationship with his 34-year-old stepdaughter.

South African-born and living Errol Musk, who has seven children from his second marriage, including his stepdaughter, two, spoke this morning with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O in a quirky 20-minute interview, in which he talks about his son. success rejected. ,

“Your child is a genius. He’s worth so much money and he’s made so many things, you can’t take that away from him. Are you proud?” Jackie O asked.

“No. You know, we are a family that has been through a lot for a long time, not that we suddenly started doing anything,” Errol replied.

Elon is his eldest son with his ex-wife, model Maye Musk, who joined the Tesla CEO at the Met Gala this year. Mai and Errol also share son Kimble and daughter Tosca.

Errol said that his billionaire son feels he is running behind schedule in his career achievements. The father agreed with that sentiment.

“He is disappointed with the progress and it is understandable,” he said.

“I know it sounds crazy, but we think the same way as a family. He’s 50 now and I still think of him as a little boy. But he’s 50, I mean he is an old man.”

He sledged his son’s body and diet while discussing shirtless photos of Elon on a yacht in Greece.

“Elon is very strongly built, but he is eating badly,” he says, adding that he recommends his son a supplement called Garcinia cambogia, which helps with weight loss without additional exercise or dieting. does.

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Jackie O then asked if the South African engineer drove a Tesla, to which he replied that he drove a Bentley, a Rolls Royce and a Mercedes instead. He then told the hosts that it was Elon’s younger brother Kimble who was his “pride and joy”.

When asked about marrying his 34-year-old stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout – whom he had raised since the age of four and now shares two young children – Errol said the relationship was “completely normal”.

Last month, the 76-year-old revealed that he had a daughter with Ms Bezuidenhout in 2019, a year after their first child, Elliot Rush, who is now five. The kids don’t live with their biological father, Errol is saying Sun They “get on his nerves” when they present.

However, he denied having any more children, saying: “There is only one thing on earth for which we reproduce.”

According to SunElon learns that his father’s relationship with Jan is “scary”.

Most recently, it emerged that Elon welcomed twins last November with a senior executive at one of his companies, 36-year-old Sivon Zilis.

The twins were born a few weeks before Musk had a second child with his on-and-off girlfriend, Canadian pop star Grimes, via surrogate.

The father of nine also has five children from his first wife, Canadian author Justin Musk.

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