Enough of Joe Biden’s ‘He Said-She Said’

In a sign of how far and fast ties between China and the United States are falling, nations may not even agree on what their leaders told each other in talks. This is the story of two versions of a telephone call.

The White House insisted that President Biden scolded Chinese President Xi Jinping about forced labor and genocide involving Uighur Muslims. China says it is fake news and Biden never raised a topic during Thursday’s call between the two men.

On the other hand, China’s official readout of the call says that its leader warned against plans to visit Taiwan during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the region, saying “those who play with fire will perish by it.” And officials later suggested a visit could be seen as an invasion of China.

Responding to questions, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to confirm or deny that Xi had said anything about Pelosi, “I’m not going to talk about that statement. ”

So, what is the truth? Did Biden deliver on his promise to stand up for human rights? Did China threaten World War III if Pelosi continued to visit Taiwan?

The question is simple and so should the answer. Instead, we are left guessing who said what.

It doesn t have to be that way. An obvious solution for the White House is to release parts of the call transcripts related to those issues.

Chinese President Xi Jinping
The White House is required to release some transcripts of Biden’s calls with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Xie Huanchi/Xinhua/ZUMAPRESS.com

The fact that it is doesn’t suggest that Biden isn’t playing directly with the American people. If he has nothing to hide, he can prove it by issuing a transcript.

Although both issues represent important elements of our foreign policy, the case of Taiwan is of utmost importance. China’s apparent willingness to swallow insular democracy and its relentless aggression emulates a new, dangerous belligerent that is worrying our Asian allies, particularly Japan and South Korea.

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While US policy regarding the status of Taiwan has been labeled “strategic ambiguity”, Biden has created confusion about what the US will do in response to a Chinese invasion. On three earlier occasions, he said the US would “militarily” defend Taiwan if China invaded. And three-time White House aides withdrew their statements, saying it was not US policy, which is limited to selling Taiwanese equipment to defend itself.

Yet it now appears that Pelosi’s mere visit is grounds for Chinese threats of military action. If indeed Xi said anything while suggesting so much on the call, China has unilaterally changed the rules of the arrangement and promised war if the US does not comply.

This is a momentous event, so it is imperative that the American public know not only what Xi said, but how Biden actually reacted.

One possibility is that the president promised that Pelosi would not travel. That aside, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising that Biden said a few days ago that a stop in Taiwan “wasn’t a good idea.” There are also reports that the administration privately urged him to leave Taiwan on the trip, which began on Friday.

weak position

It was a vulnerable position then, with GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell saying letting China set the terms would be “a kind of victory” for the communist nation. Now escalated and will be an even more significant sign of American weakness for Biden to face public threats.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosic
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Asia, especially her alleged visit to Taiwan, has drawn sharp reactions from China.
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Furthermore, canceling the trip would amount to a slap on Taiwan and its people. It would also tell China it could restrict where top US officials are free to travel.

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In short, what actually happened over the phone call is potentially a huge deal in terms of US-China relations and regional security. The White House’s refusal to come clean suggests that the truth is not Biden’s friend.

Furthermore, the incident cannot be separated from the suspicion that Biden is in serious agreement when it comes to dealing with China. It is an indisputable fact that his son Hunter Biden, his brother Jim Biden and other longtime family associates received more than $11 million from a Chinese group with ties to the Communist Party.

Joe Biden was vice president when this arrangement began in 2015, and there is solid evidence that he was the “big man” for a secret 10% cut of the billions expected in a joint venture.


Increasingly, Joe Biden’s alleged role seems to be tied to the snail’s pace of the so-called FBI investigation of Hunter, which is now in its fourth year without a single indictment filed. GOP congressional leaders, long suspected of the bureau dragging its feet to protect the president, now claim that more than 10 whistleblowers have come forward to complain that agents, working with congressional Democrats, are dismissing the allegations against the Bidens as “disinformation,” even without even investigating them. ,

hunter biden
President Biden’s ties to first son Hunter’s business deals raise many questions that need answers.
Susan Walsh / AP

Those reports and the slow pace of the investigation prompted former Attorney General Bill Barr to reverse himself and say last week that a special prosecutor should handle the case.

Speaking to Federalist, Barr said that “intervention incidents, particularly recent reports about FBI whistleblowers and the potential accessibility of the investigation, add to the protection of the warrant special counsel position to ensure that important decisions are made.” are carried out freely without political favor.”

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The comments amount to another hot potato on the lap of Attorney General Merrick Garland. Former President Donald Trump was already pressured by Democrats for his actions before and during the January 6 Capitol riots, Garland himself now faces mounting allegations that the president appointed him as a corrupt is part of the plan. Even worse, the alleged plan involves America’s most dangerous geopolitical adversary.

As I note, Xi Jinping and the Communist Party leadership know everything about the Biden family’s corrupt deals with China, only keeping America in the dark. Now, with tensions rising and war threatening, it is essential for Americans to know the truth, the whole truth about their president.

It’ll be a ‘jail’ of a trick

Reader Brian Holton knows what Mayor Adams needs to do, but he’s not optimistic. He writes:

“Adams needs to embrace the wartime mindset of Winston Churchill, refusing to give up and not holding back, pushing himself beyond his limits and refusing to take no for answers.

“He needs to call on Sarkar Hochul and state legislators over his weak stance against the crime wave – the #1 concern of most voters. This includes supporting Lee Zeldin (imagine the uproar!).

Congressman Lee Zeldin and running mate Alison Esposito
Congressman Lee Zeldin speaks to the media about crime in NY State on July 25.
J. Messerschmidt/NY Post

“A Republican governor would help Adams do her hard work on the crime agenda, but don’t expect him to endorse Zeldin anytime soon. He doesn’t have the will to go against the Democratic machine. Most likely he’s complaining.” Will continue to do the same ineffective way of doing things, but will not do what is needed to transform the city.”

Journalists doing mushrooms to sharpen performance-enhancing brains

Finally, a credible explanation for the mistakes of the media!

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