Everything You Need To Know About CookieSwirlC!

Everyone is using the internet these days, and it has helped a lot of people gain popularity around the world. Similarly, a YouTuber named CookieSwirlC is getting a lot of popularity recently; however, she started her YouTube journey back in 2013. While there are many YouTubers out there that post daily vlogs related to real-life incidents, CookieSwirlC is pretty different in terms of it.

She shares videos centred around toy unboxing, reviews and playtime videos featuring popular toy brands such as Shopkins, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Lego and many more. She posts regular videos, so her channel is always updated with new content. If you want to know more about CookieSwirlC, then do read this post till the end, as we have shared every possible information related to her.


CookieSwirlC Background & Early Life

Very little to no information about CookieSwirlC’s real identity or personal details is available out there. Many creators use stage names to maintain the privacy or separate their personal lives from their online persona, and CookieSwirlC is no different. It’s not uncommon for content creators to keep their personal information private so as to have a healthy boundary between their private and public lives. But we do have some personal information about her that will come in handy if you want to know more about her.

The real name of CookieSwirlC is Candance, and she was born on March 14, 1997, in the United Kingdom. However, she is currently residing in the United States and doing all of her business there. She creates content for various YouTube channels, but her main channel of her is named CookieSwirlC. Though only a few people out there know that her first channel was named HoneyheartsC (formerly HoneyHearts27), which was focused only on horses. She shared stories about her childhood and her love for playing alone with her toys in her first video, it got popular around the world and she decided to create a new channel, CookieSwirlC, where she shares videos of different toys. She didn’t stop using her first channel and still uploads videos there, mainly about an online horse game called Star Stable.

CookieSwirlC Bio

CookieSwirlC Wiki, Bio, and Personal Details

The channel has amassed over 20.6M subscribers as of Jan 20, 2023, and the videos usually target a young audience, particularly children. The channel also features a virtual character named “Cookie” that interacts with the toys in the videos. The channel also has a merchandise line which includes clothing, accessories, and toys.

She also has a younger sister named Melody, who isn’t on social media platforms. Also, CookieSwirlC is known to donate a lot to charities, and there are posts regarding her donations to organizations like WEAVE, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, and A Place to Bark. Also, remember that she is not on TikTok and Facebook yet, so all the accounts with her name are fan-made.

Social Media NamesCookieSwirlC, Can, Candy
Real NameCandance
Net Worth$25 Million
First VideoNovember 3, 2013
Instagram Username@cookieswirlc
Video TypesVlogs, Gaming, Unboxing & Reviews

Final Words

So, this is all about CookieSwirlC, and we hope now you know everything about her. She is literally very popular around the world, and if you haven’t watched her videos, then go ahead and spend some time on her channel. We are pretty sure you are going to love her content, just like millions of other YouTube users.

If you know something about CookieSwirlC that we might have missed mentioning in this post, then do let us know about it so we can include that information in this post. Also, keep visiting ScoopEya to learn more about CookieSwirlC and other popular YouTube creators as we keep sharing in-depth details about such people.