Everything you need to know about crypto exchanges

Smart contracts, which are built on a blockchain, are like a contract that is encrypted and coded so that it cannot be tampered with. Here’s what happens: For example, you go to buy 1th, and the contract says: I,Okay. Then I need to send (at the time of writing) £1,378.52 to the DEX.” If that leaves your account, fine, and ends up in another account, great. If it looks like anything is going wrong If not, then the transaction will not take place.

A DEX will not give you any personal information when creating an account (ID, a mobile number, an email address, etc.) whereas a centralized exchange will require you to provide quite a bit of personal information. For many blockchain fans, anonymity is a big part of how they use crypto, so this is a major concern for them. However, there is no support if something goes wrong.

These features mean that everything is secure and basically impossible to tamper with on a DEX. It also means that you avoid issues with a company running a centralized exchange.

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