Experian Technologies and TRL Software UK’s new joint venture promises safer roads using technology-driven solutions iROADS and iMAAP

TRL UK (the erstwhile Road Research Laboratory of the UK Government) – a private non-profit organization and Experian Technologies, a global IT solutions company that enables enterprises with future-ready digital solutions, has partnered with a joint venture project – TRL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., aims to implement NextGen digital solutions to bring world class safety on Indian roads. Following a secure systems approach, TRL Software’s ready-to-deploy solutions iROADS and iMAAP – an infrastructure asset management system and a cloud-based accident analysis system, are set to revolutionize the management of the country’s road network. These solutions have been able to play a significant role in road safety as despite owning just two percent of the world’s motor vehicles, India is the victim of about 12% of global road accidents. According to government data, during 2020, the total recorded road accidents were over 3 lakh, of which more than half resulted in deaths. The age group most affected in road accidents was between 18 and 45 years, which accounts for about 70% of the total accident deaths.

Product Description • iROADS™ – Infrastructure Asset Management System – a sophisticated asset management and decision-making tool for all infrastructure assets, providing a single solution software tool for asset owners and operators • iMAAP – Accident Analysis Software System – Cloud -based road safety management platform that has saved over 25,000 lives worldwide so far Headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, the joint venture company brings nearly 100 years of transportation research expertise from TRL to Indian roadways and to the nation. will enable us to future-proof it using its road systems. Local talent and the best international research. The company intends to continuously grow by hiring local talent to deploy these world-class solutions. TRL also conducts pioneering research into infrastructure, vehicles and human behavior based on data science. Together with partners from government and industry, TRL has also created the Smart Mobility Living Lab: the world’s first physical and virtual test in London, which lets companies test new transport products and services safely on live public roads. The company has worked in over 145 countries, with many projects being funded by multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and UNDB.

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TRL software solutions help improve road network Some use cases: • Crash data analysis software’s implementation of TRL’s software has helped reduce blackspot detection time by 1/6, resulting in saving lives. There has been prompt implementation of intervention measures for

• A reduction of 20-30% in road accidents in a specific district of Himachal Pradesh was achieved through the implementation of IMAAP of TRL software.

• TRL Software’s international experience has proven that the use of iRoads Asset Management System has resulted in an optimization of road maintenance cost by 10-15%.

“TRL Software is delighted to form this powerful partnership with Experian, which is already a trusted partner on many TRL projects,” says Dr. Paul Zanelli, Managing Director, TRL Technologies. Bar TRL’s teams of experts are welcomed; With a global focus on road safety and Vision Zero, now is a great time to build a new team with a company that is best known for recruiting and training. I look forward to working with the team to make roads safer for all. ”” At TRL Software, we have found an ideal partner, as we are able to harness our skills in the domain with our distinguished expertise and jointly offer cutting edge. -Advanced techniques in road safety, basic asset management and accident analysis. This joint venture augurs well for the ‘Make in India’ program and is an advantage for India in which global technology finds an Indian context. Binu Jacob, CEO and Managing Director, Experian Technologies, said, “We are looking to add some key customers in the next 2-3 years as we bring these proven global products to market in the Indian market.”

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“The PWD budgets of various Indian state governments are done in a very subjective manner while planning for repairs and maintenance. But having a scientific basis for the budgeting process through road asset management software will significantly reduce overall maintenance costs, ease decision making and bring accountability,” said Mr. Jacob. Experian Technologies’ relationship with TRL spans a decade. With a strong product engineering DNA and an unwavering focus on delivering customer value, both organizations have worked in transportation and logistics in multiple geographies around the world, making Experian its core expertise in digital product engineering services They are recognized for driving new revenue streams, digitizing business processes, and helping to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Their clients include some of the world’s largest corporations, mid-segment enterprises, as well as Only some of the fastest growing early stage companies are involved.

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