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The stars of our next article in the Cats of Fantasy Twitter series – Luna and Lupine!


Let’s meet the latest cats of fantasy Twitter – Luna and Lupine! Luna (below) and Lupine (above are the cats of @NateCheat. Luna is a black domestic shorthair princess, and Lupine is a Maine Coon trash monster. This is a direct quote. Luna bought up and up was a Craig’s List takeover , while Lupine was found as a kitten in a shack in New Jersey with a litter of other “garbage monster” kittens before giving it to loving families.

Luna is described as a spoiled princess, she was very upset to have a brother, especially Lupine, who is a mad lord, but we will meet her soon. Before that time, Luna was the queen of the house, and there was no one to spoil her luxury time. Now he has to physically toss Lupine on a regular basis to get some peace and quiet.

Luna loves to be petted but only on her own terms and is so entitled that she won’t even bury her own poop. She actually does Lupine for him, which I find pretty hilarious if we’re being honest.

i eat

Lupine, the garbage monster, and the dirt-buried, was the biggest and bloated Maine Coon mix of litter. You can absolutely tell that he is from New Jersey and lived in a shack for the first few weeks of his life. Just the other day, he ate a jar of sour cream dip, and anything that’s semi-edible is fair game for this psycho.

Some cats, such as lupines, will eat human food because it offers more variety than their cat food and because it tastes nice, simple. He is also a meditation seeker. (Nate used another word for it, but I’ve already used my bad words.) Lupine will do whatever it takes to get attention whenever he wants. Power-hugging while engaging head first to dive into your parent’s arms and chest.

Lupine also displays his wild upbringing in other aspects of his daily life, such as how he prefers to sleep in hampers rather than any cat beds he has bought for himself. They both enjoy cat TV (watching walled squirrels eating hamburgers, donuts and others eating outside the window) and chasing each other around the house at all hours of the night .

Both of these kitty cats enjoy onlookers when they let off heat. Nate tells me that his favorite time to make a kitty dump is when Nate or his wife is in the kitchen, almost as if these little monsters think it’s fun to blast a hot crap while their humans are in the room. Work. These two are actually a comedy act.

If Luna fits, she fits

hiding evidence

Lupine once accidentally locked himself in the bedroom at night while Nate and his wife were out for the weekend. A house sitter was checking in, but he was stuck in the bedroom all night, so he was forced to leave the heat in the bedroom instead of the kitchen, where his litter box is.

Lupine grabbed some clothes and buried his work, although he didn’t have access to the litter to do so! It’s quite astonishing. The cat’s instinct to bury its prey even without access to litter, dirt, soil, etc. is still kicking in. Why is this? And why do they bury their dumps in the first place?

This natural feline instinct is another genetic memory or predisposition that they do without a second thought for a variety of reasons. Chief among these is the desire to keep predators away. By burying your dookie, its scent is harder to track, and therefore, harder for predators to pick up their mark.

Another reason cats do this is to show other cats and animals, humans, in the case of pet cats, that they are docile and not a threat to those animals. This act shows other more dominant animals in their cat’s mind that they are the alpha. All cats see themselves as subordinates to their human owners.

It may not seem like the way they command us around and act like they own the place, but the act of burying their feces is proof that we are, in fact, every time they If you do this, you are the boss. Luna and Lupine welcome Nate to the cat society because he is a great cat dad. We wish him all the best in this year’s Cat League.

Artist’s illustration of Lupine’s emotions on breadsticks


Nate Begins His Superflex Quarterback Lineup With The Excellent Joe Burrow


Nate has been startups like this for some time now, so this was another complicated and ridiculous MFL draft for him to add to the list. At Superflex quarterback, he made sure to get at least one stud with Joe Burrow (QB) and added Mack Jones (QB) as his second starter with Marcus Mariota (QB) as backup.

With powerful synergies from Austin Eckeler (RB) and Javont Williams (RB), he garnered a lot of firepower in the event of a shortage. Bryce Hall (RB) and Devin Singletary (RB) with depth he is also looking pretty solid for backup options.

As for the wide receiver, Nate added some depth to his big-name choices, along with AJ Brown (WR) and Adam Thielen (WR), along with DJ Chark (WR), AJ Green (WR), and Robbie Anderson (WR). finished for. Their tight ends for this tight-end premium league were Mike Gesicki (TE) and Cameron Brett (TE).

Nate has a good mix of star power and depth, especially when running back, which is traditionally the most difficult position of depth in the modern fantasy era. He will adjust the relaxation in season and work and be fine. On the defensive side of things.

Budda Baker Leads Nate’s IDP Star Power on the Defensive Side


With the defensive tackle premium in effect here, Nate walked in with a solid substitute in Jonathan Allen (DT) and was able to take advantage of some real position shenanigans and JJ Watt (DT) as the defensive tackle in this league setup Was able to get, very nice indeed.

On the defensive end, he was well aware that with the actual position, there was a lot of depth here, so he waited a bit and looked at Sam Hubbard (DE) and Jonathan Greenard (DE) with Brandon Graham (DE) as depth. went in. For those all-important linebackers, which are even rarer in real positions, Nate got Foye Olukon (lb), Denzel Perryman (lb), David Long (lb), and TJ Edwards (lb).

He also took a shot at Quay Walker (LB) for a depth piece, which could be worth a ton if DeVondre Campbell (LB) gets hurt or the Packers end up going with those two linebackers about They are talking all off season. In safety, Nate catches Buddha Baker (S) and Jesse Bates (S) for a couple of punches.

In Week 1, Nate got his corner streams against the Raiders with Jesse Jackson (CB). There should be plenty of points and production for Mr. Jackson in that rematch of last season’s epic “last week of the season.” He caught the depths of L’Jarius Sneed (CB) and Desmond King (CB) against the Chiefs in a beautiful matchup. Well done all around for your secondary.


Nate has been subconsciously soaking up IDP knowledge, corner streaming strategy, and Superflex strategy for over a decade now. He was able to turn that skill into a good looking team that would be competitive right out of the gate.

Nate is well versed in all things MFL and will be able to navigate the discounts with ease. He will pay attention and work hard every week in the Cat League. Looks great across the board.

Thanks for reading my Cats of Fantasy Twitter – Luna and Lupine article! There is more to come, as soon as I can get them out. Special thanks to @NateCheat for joining me on this crazy journey. Make sure you check out her work, and we wish her all the best in this year’s Cat League.

If you missed my previous introduction to Twitter cats, you can do so on my author page. Keep an eye out for the sequel to this series! It’ll be here as soon as I’m able to write it, and Faith can edit and send it. Till next time!

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