Former President Trump will deliver keynote address at CPAC in Dallas

Texas, United States – An all-star cast of conservative figures and lawmakers, including former US President Donald Trump and Texas officials, will converge in Dallas this week for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Everyone in today’s Republican Party will be what they are. This is the second year in a row that CPAC is returning to Dallas. The national event will take place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel from 4-7 August.

President Trump is the keynote speaker, with several of Texas’ top elected officials speaking. US Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will all take the stage.

Nationally and internationally, the conservative figure who is part of the speaker line-up is Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary. He is currently under fire for statements criticizing migrants last week and said Europeans do not want to mix with people of other races.

US Representative for North Texas Beth Van Duyne will also address the crowd. His speech will now focus on policies that are important to the people.

“I am going to share things about what is happening with our energy production in the United States, and what we can do – policies we can implement that will really help our small businesses. , will help our big businesses, will help our economy,” said Representative Van Dunne Inside Texas Politics,

Also, this week, the CPAC will hold a straw poll for a Republican presidential nomination. Former President Trump’s name will top the ballot cast by 20 other Republicans considered potential White House nominees in the 2024 election. Trump won a straw poll at a CPAC gathering in Orlando, Florida, in February.

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There is talk that Trump may announce his plans for 2024 before the mid-November period.

Van Teller addresses that speculation by saying, “You have to ask Donald Trump what Donald Trump is going to do, because I can guarantee you no one else will know right now — and he’s not going to ask anyone else for permission.” Used to be. “

Van Dunne, who sits on the House Committee on Small Business, tells us why he started the jobs website. After talking to businesses in her district over the past year and a half, she learned that businesses need skilled workers.

Van Dunne says, “They wanted – they had openings available, but they didn’t find people, and so last year we did our job fair. This year, not only are they not getting labor, but they are finding it hard to find skilled labour. It’s getting difficult — you know, people with marketable skills that they were looking for. So, you know, after chatting with them and talking to our ISD members, we thought, you know, you know us They all need to be able to put together and talk about partnerships; how do you present some of these wonderful careers that have long-term stability that pay off really well?”

Van Dunne shared with us that she is not paying any attention to the public hearing by the House 6 committee because she hasn’t received a call from her constituents. It’s not something that worries them. They worry about inflation, gas prices, and deciding between putting gas in their tank or the food on their plates.

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