French presidential election results ahead for Emmanuel Macron

Paris, 26 April: Current President Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidential election and has succeeded in occupying this position for the second time. This time Macron’s victory was not easy. He was once again challenged by right-wing Marine Le Pen. This time Macron’s margin of victory was slightly less, which shows how difficult the election was for him. But the times ahead for Macron are even more difficult. They have to make many changes in their policies and that too very soon.

Many things are clear from Macron’s statement.
What Macron said after his victory also shows that the times ahead are challenging for him. He said, ‘I know that many countrymen did not vote for my views but voted to stop the right wing from coming to power. So this victory has increased my responsibility.

Not everyone was happy with the macros
Even before the election in France, it was believed that many people were unhappy with Macron’s procedures and his programmes. But still they voted for him. Macron’s market-oriented reforms have met with strong opposition in France. These include liberalization of the labor market and reform of the public railway company SNCF.
President despite all opposition
Macron was not effective in dealing with the Yellow Vest movement, nor was he effective in dealing with the anger it generated. The streets and roads of France were blocked for several months by those demanding social justice in this movement. He started and then closed the 48 billion euro better life plan for the people of France. Despite all these things, he became the President.

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the price had to be paid
However, even after this, Macron has paid the price for all this. The Republican Front was formed to prevent the rise and rise of right-wing ideologies. In which many democratic parties and voters were involved, now it has started to disintegrate. Many people were against Penn, yet were unwilling to vote for Macron. Such people had voted for someone else in the first round, including supporters of Jean-Luc Milancón. Those who got only 22 per cent votes in the first phase.

In France, he won re-election by defeating Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen as president.
not everyone was supported
This time Macron will face a tough challenge to stop the right wing. Macron won the support of many disaffected voters in the first phase, but many voters were still against or angry with Macron. That is why many did not participate in the vote, choosing between Macron or Penn.
it needs to
So once re-elected, he has to come up with plans to make his leftist supporters happy again. He had to convey to the public that he was sensitive to them, would take everyone along and was an acceptable alternative. They want to reach as many people as possible. Then people will support. If Macron cannot do all this, he will only strengthen the right-wing parties. The next election will be Macron vs Anyone or Anyone vs Le Pen. Parliamentary elections are to be held in France in June this year. In such a situation, his priority will be to stop the right party. All his statements point towards this preparation. But macros don’t have much time.

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