Gifts According To The Vastu Shastra

A Vastu gift for the home is a fantastic suggestion because they signify positivity and good luck. After all, the Vastu shastra science significantly influences how we live our daily lives. Everyone who lives under the same roof benefits from the vast science’s placement of the natural elements in the home. The proper ingredients, positioned in the right areas of your home, will help you thrive in all facets of your life and bring luck. Therefore, bringing a gift when you visit someone for the first time is a kind gesture. And since they are supposed to bring prosperity and good fortune, a Vastu gift for the home is usually a nice suggestion. They also demonstrate your genuine intentions and desire for the family’s well-being. Are you looking for some of the top gifts for her home’s Vastu? Several items that make great gifts are listed below. Here are a few of them and some justifications for their inclusion. 

Laughing Buddha 

In many homes and offices, the Laughing Buddha is also used as a decoration. Any space is infused with a joyful spirit and given a vibrant and promising energy by this smiling, laughing man symbol. 


Giving plants as gifts is regarded as being very lucky in terms of Vastu principles. Plants are seen as fantastic Vastu presents because they are supposed to bring luck and fortune. You can even employ the Vastu Shastra principles to aid in constructing a home that is more tranquil and harmonious. A variety of plants are regarded as very fortunate Vastu gift gifts. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, money plants, peace lilies, bamboo, and neem, are some of the most well-known.

Gomati Chakra Tree 

A Gomati Chakra Tree is regarded as being extremely lucky to have in your home. Although some individuals choose to give it as a housewarming gift, it can also be buried in the foundation. Legend has it that those whose homes include the Gomati Chakra would be blessed with money and good health. One of the two sides of a gomati chakra, known as the naag chakra, is flat and shaped like a whirlpool. The opposite side is slightly raised and has a shell-like appearance. Therefore, it is crucial to protect children. 

Shri Meru Yantra 

One of the most important yantras in Vastu Shastra is the Shri Meru Yantra. It is a tool for wealth and prosperity that has been charged. Leaving it at home will bring good fortune. Additionally, it is claimed to drive out bad influences and open the door to wealth. However, the correct direction for the Meru Yantra is frequently unclear to people. Do not be concerned; we are here to help. Place it wherever you’d like, but make sure the yantra’s face faces west. For positive energy to flow through your house, keep it facing east. 

Water with flowers 

These things can offer you luck if you luckily use them. Positively use flowers and water to bring luck into your home. Water and flowers are traditionally associated with good luck. According to legend, keeping water and flowers in your home would bring luck and wealth. The objects may also signify a connection to the natural world and the spiritual realm. This decorative item is excellent. It is believed to bring luck. Water keeps you hydrated and is frequently beneficial to your health. Water is frequently employed as a decorative element. It represents water and purity. Also it is employed in Vastu to give the house a sense of equilibrium. It also represents abundance. 

A Tortoise Sculpture Can Bring Good Luck 

The crystal or wooden turtle is one example of a Vaastu home decoration item that is a terrific way to bring some optimism into your home. It is due to a tortoise’s tough and protective shell. Similarly, it represents your family’s defense against disaster and tragedy. For optimal results when employing a crystal tortoise, think about positioning it in the southwest or north-west. The east and southeast directions aid in clearing your space of negativity for wooden tortoises. These Vastu-related home decor items can bring you fame or fortune depending on which direction they are placed. 
Give these gifts online to a loved one and see how their life improves. Here’s wishing you happiness, good fortune, and love forever.

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