Good Luck Jerry: Janhvi Kapoor is a fine actress; Time to stop the ‘Napo Kid’ jibes

Janhvi Kapoor’s Good Luck Jerry released on Friday on Disney Plus Hotstar. In her short career, this is Janhvi’s third direct-OTT release (after Ghost Stories and Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl in 2020). Incidentally, his excellent performances in two of these are further proof that the young actor has immense potential to grow. Ever since she entered the industry with Dhadak in 2018, Janhvi has faced allegations of nepotism and favoritism to help her in her journey. After all, she is the daughter of screen legend Sridevi and filmmaker Boney Kapoor and is a well-known favorite of Karan Johar. But with good luck Jerry, Janhvi has proved that she can stay here on her talent alone while battling all the ‘napo kid’ jibes that have been pouring in on social media. Read also: Janhvi Kapoor admits that her fame is mostly due to parents Sridevi, Boney Kapoor

There are two allegations or allegations that trolls often like to lash out at Janhvi – that she cannot act and that she is in the industry because of her connections. The internet and Kangana Ranaut’s new favorite derogatory term ‘Napo Kid’ has often been used for her. Movies like Roohi didn’t help. But in a career that has seen only six releases, that fee hardly merits. In Good Luck Jerry, she plays the role of a Bihari migrant in Punjab, both the worlds quite different for her. And yet she manages to do justice to them. His Bihari dialect is good if not correct. Sure, Meeta Vashisht (who plays her mother) does it better, but doing anything even marginally worse than an actor of her caliber is a celebration.

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The difficulties with Jhanvi have doubled. The first thing is that fans and even critics like to compare her with her mother Sridevi. It is unfair to pit any actor against a talent like Sridevi. She was an actress from generation to generation. There has never been anyone like him and probably never will be. But Janhvi doesn’t have to be her. He just has to be the best version of himself and that should be enough.

The second problem is his co-performers. In her brief career, Sridevi has found herself sharing frames with some of the best actors in the country. Ashutosh Rana in Dhadak and Surekha Sikri and Vijay Verma in Ghost Stories. In Gunjan Saxena, her co-stars included Pankaj Tripathi, Manav Vij and Vineet Kumar Singh, while in Good Luck Jerry, she shares screen space with Meeta Vashisht and Deepak Dobriyal. He is a formidable artist and the audience always compares him with his performance. And in fact, she comes up short but most people will. And if Gunjan Saxena and Good Luck Jerry have shown anything, it is that the gap is narrowing. She no longer feels out of place in a scene with a stellar actor. She is taking care of herself and performing to scale, which any young actor should be proud of.

Acting with skilled actors like Pankaj Tripathi means an unfavorable comparison for Janhvi Kapoor.
Acting with skilled actors like Pankaj Tripathi means an unfavorable comparison for Janhvi Kapoor.

What the common man often gets wrong about star kids in Bollywood is that there is no cabal in the industry to survive. Star kids have something that cosmic outsiders don’t have – visibility. Even before signing his first film, he has spent years in the public eye. With their millions of social media followers and devoted fans, star kids can turn a blind eye to a project some other newcomers can only dream of. That’s why manufacturers like to see them as a safe bet. But that visibility can only get your foot inside the door. Yes, for many people this is a big deal. But so many star kids fade away after a grand debut because they have neither the talent nor the will. Janhvi has both in abundance.

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Good luck Jerry sees Janhvi doing the important task of carrying a film on her shoulders and she manages it beautifully. Now, could she have got that chance if she had not been Janhvi Kapoor? Maybe not! Not many young actors will be tasked with major films so early in their careers. There, his star kid status certainly helps. But like I said, it only takes him through the door. Apart from this, he has to ensure through his talent that he gets these opportunities in future also. The moment the makers feel that another actor is easier, who fits the bill, they will turn to him. Capitalism always beat nepotism! But till then, let’s let Janhvi enjoy her success, and maybe enjoy watching her herself on-screen. Good luck, Janhvi!

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