Google Bans 13 More Android Apps – Millions of People Warn to Remove Them Now!

It’s been a terrible few weeks for Android users. During the past month alone, Google has been forced to remove more than 50 apps from its Play Store after it was revealed they contained vicious malware that could make people sign up for expensive subscription plans without their knowledge. Is. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, there are now 13 more apps to add to the list and the millions of people who have downloaded them will want to hit the delete button as soon as possible.

This latest batch of vicious software, spotted by the security team at McAfee, has the potential to fill devices with endless and highly intrusive ads that pop up incessantly and occupy the entire screen.

Once downloaded they immediately install this annoying adware which is almost impossible to stop. To make matters worse, some apps automatically change their name and icon, making them very difficult to track and remove from the device.

It appears that most of these applications have disguised themselves as phone cleaning apps to rid devices of unwanted software and bugs. However, in reality, they do exactly the opposite.

To help boost their download numbers, cyber thieves plug these apps into social media sites and some seem to have installed more than a million times.

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Here are all the apps that have now been removed by Google, if you have installed any of them it is important that you find and remove them without delay.

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• Junk Cleaner – 1M+ Downloads

• EasyCleaner – 100K+ Downloads

• Power Doctor – 500K+ Downloads

• Super Clean – 500K+ Downloads

• Full Clean – 1M+ Downloads

• Fingertip Cleaner – 500K+ Downloads

• Quick Cleaner – 1M+ Downloads

• Keep Clean – 1M+ Downloads

• Windy Clean – 500K+ Downloads

• Carpet Clean – 100K+ Downloads

• Cool Clean – 500K+ Downloads

• Strong Clean – 500K+ Downloads

• Meteor Clear – 100K+ Downloads

According to McAfee telemetry data, this malware and its variants affect several countries which mainly include South Korea, Japan and Brazil, but it has also been seen in the UK and US.

Speaking about the new threat McAfee said: “McAfee’s mobile research team has identified new malware on the Google Play Store. Most of them are masquerading as cleaner apps that remove junk files or devices. Help optimize their battery for management.However, it hides malware.And shows frequent ads to victims.Also, they automatically run malicious services upon installation without executing the app.

“We have already disclosed this threat to Google and all reported applications have been removed from the Play Store.”

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