Govt looking for technology partners to digitize old records Goa news

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Panaji: With thousands of important documents over a decade old and piling up in its offices, the state government has started a new effort to digitize these documents. The state government has now tasked Info Tech Corporation of Goa (ITG) to digitize all old records as it hopes to move away from the current paper-based documentation process.
Officials said the current paper-based documentation has made the storage and perusal of government files cumbersome, leading to delays in citizen-centric services and burdening critical departments.
“The digitization of our documents is the first step to enable the e-governance revolution in the state. The time wasted by citizens waiting for a simple document directly affects productivity and also affects some important departments,” said a senior ITG official.
To implement e-citizen services, all office records must be in digital format as the information stored in paper documents is difficult to access, and cannot be used for automated decision making in computer systems.
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant recently urged Assembly Speaker Ramesh Tavdkar to digitize all assembly records so that they can be saved for future generations. Similar efforts are also being made by the Revenue Department and Directorate of Archives and Archaeology.
ITG is looking for technology partners to digitize government documents, maps, records, bulletins, brochures, books, audio archives and video footage through scanning and digitization. The scanned documents will be stored as Microfish documents on microfilm or on a centralized system. The image is then subjected to a process called optical character recognition (OCR) to convert it into a text file that can be searched and edited using a computer.
“Digital documents are easily replicated, safe from disasters, fast to access, and can be made available across the state within a second,” the ITG official said.
The documents would be stored on the cloud and a version control system with the State Department would be used to track users and attempts to tamper with the documents. Officials said one of the objectives of the exercise is to control or restrict access to important documents.

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