Gugu Mbatha-Raw praises Kevin Hart’s ‘master’ blinking skills. Entertainment News

Gugu Mbatha-Raw wishes she was better at taking a nap.

The 39-year-old actress praises her “Lift” co-star Kevin Hart as a “master” at falling asleep during breaks in shooting because she is “very little” able to fully rest herself during the day Even when I’m feeling tired.

She told Total Film magazine: “I wish I could [sleep on set], I feel like this is such a skill.

“I just worked with Kevin Hart who is a master power-napper, and being able to go back to a trailer and just zone out for like 20 minutes.

“I sometimes try and put my feet on the wall and do yoga comfortably. And I try to at least lie down.

“But I rarely get sound sleep. Maybe I just have to nod and knock on someone’s door. ,

To mark the end of filming, Gugu gave Kevin a very personal gift.

She explained: “I painted a portrait of Kevin Hart as a wrap gift.

“I have been painting a lot since the pandemic and made a lot of drawings.

“Since our film is really about an art theft, and it’s about art, it was a fun gift because he developed an interest in art while shooting.”

The former “Morning Show” actress is disappointed that none of her projects have had wrap parties in recent years.

She said: “They seem to have been outlawed since the pandemic. it’s so boring.

“I haven’t gone for one for ages.

“I had a lot of fun at The Morning Show wrap party a few years back.

“Since my character’s journey was quite tragic and intense, I was really happy to see everyone again.

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“Maybe this is the last rap party I went to, pre-pandemic. It was great to see everyone and all my classmates and just in a happy feeling. ,

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