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La Mafia’s Oscar de la Rosse falls off the stage. ETIC’s live
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la mafia front man Oscar de la Rosa There was a minor accident while performing at Nortex Live Music Festival In Monterrey, Mexico, this past weekend, when the vocalist of the two-time Grammy-winning band decided to move closer to the crowd to sing with them, but made the wrong decision to take a leap from stage to crowd and hit the floor. Fell a few feet, according to a video shared on social media.

De la Rosa immediately told the crowd that he was fine and continued to perform with the crowd. It was later revealed by La Mafia that De La Rosa injured his hand and knee from a minor fall and is doing well.

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Nortex Live! The best performances were held in Tejano and Nortino music. La Mafia in this year’s cast lalo moras, solido, los palominos, control, David Olivarez, Ram Herrera And much more at Arena Monterrey.

La Mafia will continue its Metas Tour with tour dates in Minnesota and Ohio this week.

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