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Kalaburagi: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has called upon voters to support JD(S) in the upcoming assembly elections, saying he will dissolve the party and retire from politics if voted to power. Addressing a meeting of party workers here on Saturday, he said though he became the chief minister twice, his tenure was short both times.

“Even in that short period, I have implemented several welfare schemes, including waiving farmers’ loans and organizing gram vishalvya (village migration) to solve people’s problems,” he said.

Pancharatna program will focus on education by opening more English medium schools for rural students. It will also give priority to the health sector by opening 30 bedded hospitals in all gram panchayats. The poor will get free treatment at these centres.

“Instead of loan waiver scheme, we are planning to make the farming community financially strong by encouraging them to adopt scientific farming. We will give remunerative price to the farmers for their produce. If voted to power, JDS will give employment to the youth and homes to the homeless.

He called upon the people to see all the political parties before exercising their franchise. “It is in your hands to choose a bulldozer government or a government with a mother’s heart. BJP is fooling the youth in the name of religion. Both Congress and BJP are sowing seeds of hatred among the people.

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