High-end Fragrances Are Available at ULTA Beauty

The Target Store, to be exact. That one store where you may be able to fulfill all of your buying fantasies. Everything from groceries to a brand-new patio set is within easy access. We at Allure have always been fans of Target, but now that we can shop at a variety of Ulta Beauty locations in stores and online, we’re even more enamored with the brand. As if that weren’t enough, this further deepened our esteem for the retail titan. ulta black Friday deals at ulta are the best of the year.

Aesthetics from ULTA

As of July 11, new upscale brands and products may found at Ulta Beauty at Target. You’ll have access to several of the top perfume collections at ulta, including some of our personal favorites. On the roster, you’ll find names like Montblanc, Ariana Grande, Jimmy Choo, Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Juicy Couture, and Juicy Couture.

The stores and the internet now carry these high-end brands. When you go to Target to buy “one of everything,” be sure to peruse these. If you really can’t wait, however, you can see some of the highlights of the latest update on ulta perfume right now if you keep scrolling down.

The Explorer of Mont Blanc

If you or someone you know like a woodsy, leathery fragrance, we recommend Montblanc’s Explorer Eau de Toilette. You just need two sprays, and the scent will last all day.


Cloud Eau de Perfume is the kind of amazing perfume that only singer Ariana Grande could create. This happy, carefree fragrance begins with a top note of lavender and ends with a base of coconut and woodsy accords.


Jimmy Choo’s Fever de Perfume is a fruity, somewhat sugary scent. Perfumes from the perfume aisle at Ulta This perfume’s pleasant aroma may attributed to a combination of black plum, vanilla, and jasmine. Furthermore, it contains sandalwood, so it is not too sugary.


We’re usually overcome with emotion whenever we come upon a bottle of Juicy Couture perfume. This is the original Viva La Viva bottle, and its taste profile, which includes amber, caramel, and vanilla, is why it’s so popular. The bottle of the Ulta fragrance is embellish with cute Juicy Charms.

Now that they’ve expanded their offerings, Target is a one-stop shop. You should check out their online store if you want to get the newest scents before they hit the shelves at Ulta or Target.



Given Ulta’s extensive fragrance selection, which brands and types are the most often purchased? Just who or what is at the very pinnacle of the food chain? There’s a good chance you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s a famous person and their goods. This perfume will make you feel like you’re floating on air.

Just with the rest of the store’s beauty supplies, perfumes are available in great quantity at Ulta perfume. Ariana Grande’s Cloud, which is also Grande’s favorite scent, is the best-selling perfume in the store.

It’s possible that the bottle for Cloud, with its cloudlike base and pastel blue color, is the most attractive item on the shelves. Cloud opens with notes of lavender and progresses through coconut and vanilla before finishing with a cashmere accord.

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Beautiful, ethereal, and lighthearted. Ariana Grande’s Cloud Eau de Perfume is a wonderful, upbeat expression of her admirers’ positivity and her own.

The alluring aroma begins with a tempting blend of forbidden juicy pear, enticing bergamot, and hypnotizing lavender bloom.


My go-to item at Ulta is Good Girl. I can smell the aroma for days.

“Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon are my favorite.”

“Any fragrance by Ariana Grande, but especially Cloud and Ari.” They are praised and last forever.

“Cloud” is awesome! sweet like cotton candy. Her B&BW scent is delicious, and I adore how sweet it is. Scrumptious candies, plus a bottle of love lotion.

Huge discounts may be found throughout the year at fragrance retailer Ulta. This page will be updated with the most recent details as soon as Ulta’s seasonal sales and other discounts commence. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can return to it next year for the best Ulta Beauty coupons and discounts.


You can’t stop what’s happening today, whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day. A new romance develops, old friendships take center stage, and you may feel impelled to reconnect with distant relatives. The way you feel on the inside determines how you act, so we hope you can feel the love no matter what.

Since fragrances have shown to improve mood, a brief spritz of your favorite fragrance may be the instant pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed. Maybe you were under that impression, and that’s why you’re here now.


We all have that one thing that makes us feel complete even if we haven’t gotten everything done. This might be anything from a favored pair of slippers to a perfume bottle. Putting on a spritz of your go-to fragrance may be a great confidence booster.

It’s OK if the thing you once relied on the most isn’t working for you any longer. An easy and inexpensive way to try new fragrances is with gift packages. During the holidays, gift packages are especially popular among those who care about their appearance. Like Black Friday but without the hysteria, they cost $70 but are worth $100. This new day calls for a new approach.

Fragrance gift sets are a holiday staple. We ignored the nonsense and found some viable options. Browse some of our favorite holiday perfume gift sets from ULTA and Nordstrom.


The most popular fragrance in the world?

Popular fragrances at Sephora include Chanel’s Chance and Coco Mademoiselle and Viktor & Rolf’s Flower bomb ($85).

According to Euro Monitor International, there is an increase in “statement” fragrances sold by small enterprises.

What’s the freshest smelling perfume out there?

Please scroll down for more cheerful and airy fragrances.

We’re using the Lam 10-Crosby Wet Day Exchange Data Program.

Replica Margiela Sunday.

– Vitality.

– Orange Blossom Cologne by Jo Malone of London.

—Diptyque Fleur de Peau Perfume.

Why do scents go away?

There are primarily three reasons why a fragrance is discontinued:

  • When key components become scarce.
  • When ingredients are restricte.
  • When sales are insufficient to keep the fragrance in business.

Are birthdays celebrate at Ulta?

Yes! Birthday presents are on the house for Ultimate Rewards members at Ulta Beauty.

To get your gift certificate, you must be an Ultimate Rewards member and a newsletter subscriber. On or after your birthday, you will get a scannable gift code from Ulta.