How Natural Language Processing, NLP can bridge the language divide in an interconnected world

NLP technologies help machines understand the nuances of a language. (Representative)

As one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world, India is home to over 467 million social media users. However, since more than 90 percent of Indians speak one or more native languages, enabling each user to explore and express themselves online in the language of their convenience is a primary step towards digital inclusion.

Today’s innovators are often challenged by how they can deliver truly immersive and linguistically agnostic experiences to users in a tech-driven economy. How can they bring together speakers of different native languages? This is where technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) come into play.

As a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), NLP technologies help machines understand the nuances of a language—both text and voice—in the same way that the human mind decodes it—with context, emotion, and intention. By aligning. message maker. Using NLP, machines can navigate through large amounts of data and analyze emotions in an efficient manner.

Furthermore, through NLP, platforms can enable language translation of a message in real time in a way that retains the intent and spirit of the original message. NLP allows the platform to achieve optimal translation output by enabling creators to post content in the language of their choice and consumers to consume it in their own language – thus facilitating seamless engagement between creators and consumers in their respective native languages. turns on. This leads to user satisfaction and fosters a sticky user journey across platforms that leverage NLP.

As Indian innovators build tech products that will be consumed by the larger world, language will soon be no longer a barrier. NLP will play a vital role in driving digitization and enabling people to express, connect and engage online in their native language.

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The ‘inclusive’ approach of India’s platforms will support digital empowerment, and democratize the voices of billions in this ‘technology’.

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