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by Ananya Arora
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How To Book Vaccine On Paytm  

While starting a weekend project, little did anyone know that it would end up becoming a sensation and, thus, one of the most popular methods for getting a vaccine for millions of people in the country to survive and fight a pandemic. This is how the Paytm Vaccine Finder tool came into existence and changed the dynamics of the whole COVID – 19 scenario in India.  

According to the statistics, it has been observed that the Paytm Vaccine Finder tool has been successful in enabling almost three million people to book a vaccine slot on the Paytm app. It has helped more than fifteen million users from over 750 districts and 19,000+ PIN codes in the country by sending more than 1 billion vaccine availability alerts.

It is no surprise that Paytm has turned out to be an easy and convenient way to book a COVID-19 vaccine. Generally, Paytm is used for mobile recharges, making offline payments, or bill payments, but it has emerged as a great way to book slots for both Covaxin and Covishield vaccinations for people between the age of eighteen and forty-four and even above!

How To Book Vaccine On Paytm (rajkotupdates.news)

To Book, Your First Or Second Vaccine Via Paytm, Just Follow These Steps:-

Before starting the actual process, it is advisable to update your Paytm app so that it’s the latest version. Also, register on the Cowin portal beforehand.

1.   Open your Paytm app; you will be able to find Vaccine Finder after scrolling through the home screen.

2.   Next, simply enter your PIN Code on the Vaccine Slot Finder screen and select the age group of the candidate.

3.   Then, choose either Covaxin or Covishield.

4.   Tap on the Book Now button. Once you do that, Paytm will ask for your mobile number to be used on Cowin.

5.   After that, you will receive an OTP. Enter that OTP on the screen to proceed further.

6.   After you enter the OTP, you will be able to see all the available slots and centers in your selected area. Also, you will be able to switch between free, paid, and filter slots that have Covishield.

Note: if you come across a situation where all the slots near you are unavailable at the moment, then the app will give you a Notify me when slots are available button so that a notification can be sent to you when a new slot is made available in your locality.

7.   Once you see all the available slots near you, you easily choose one of those as per your preference by tapping Book Now.

8.   Then, you will have to click on Add New to add a new beneficiary for vaccination. Fill in the details (full name, birth year, gender, beneficiary’s photo ID, and proof ID number). After that, click on Submit.

9.   Finally, you can choose between the available timings at your selected vaccine center. Select one of them, and click on Schedule Now!

And with that, you’re done with the booking process! You’ll be provided with an appointment slip that you’ll be required to show at your vaccination center.