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How to Copy and Paste V badge Free Fire Symbol

by Ananya Arora
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What Is A ‘V’ Badge Free Fire Symbol?

As we all are familiar with video games that we often find our kids playing on their mobile phones, the name ‘Free Fire’ does not remain inconspicuous at all! It is a multiplayer game that probably your little brother plays with his buddies. 

Usually, a V Badge is possessed by content creators and supporters; the V icon appears to the right of their name whenever in a match.

V Badge Free Fire Copy

Luckily, you do not have to be a famous YouTuber to obtain this V badge in Free Fire. You can easily have it by copy-paste method!

Benefits Of ‘V’ Badge Free Fire

These are some of the benefits that come along with the ff v badge copy:

1.  You will be able to invite all the players by sending them friend requests if you have a V badge.

2.  You will get access to participate in all of the Free Fire tournaments worldwide!

3.  A lobby full of professional players would await you.

4.  Not only this, you will find a lobby full of streamers and YouTubers as well!

5.  You can even join the very popular Guild of Free Fire!

6.  Last but not least, you’ll be receiving free rewards every month! 

After reading all of the benefits mentioned above, you might have been convinced as to why you need a v badge copy as soon as possible!

Here’s how you can have that free fire v badge copy.

Ø V badge Copy Paste

Here are the provided V badge Free Fire symbols copy and paste codes that you can get from the Profile section of your section to obtain an ff v badge.

Gold V badge symbol[b][c][b420ff]Ⓥ
Red V badge symbol[b][c][b494ff]Ⓥ
Pink V badge symbol[b][c][b493ff]Ⓥ
Blue V badge symbol[b][c][b481ff]Ⓥ
Yellow V badge symbol[b][c][b463ff]Ⓥ

Follow these steps to copy and paste the v badge:

1.  Select the v badge you want; double click on it and copy it to your clipboard. For instance, v badge Free Fire copy golden.

2.  Now open the game and use your permanent account to log in.

3.  Go to the profile section and select it.

4.  There would be a pencil icon available right next to the in-game name; click on it.

5.  V badge Free Fire symbol copy and paste there.

6.  Now, all you have to do is to click on the “OK” button and the changes will be saved!

7.  When you restart Free Fire, you should be able to see the ff v badge that you wanted; the v badge symbol should be added to your Free Fire account now. Pretty easy and simple, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions-

1.What is the easiest way to get a V Badge Symbol in Free Fire?

As already explained above, the simplest method to get a Free Fire V badge is to get it by using the V Badge code; it is quite easily available to all the Free Fire players. 

2.Free Fire V Badge is exactly owned by how many Free Fire players all over the world?

A ‘V’ Badge emblem is considered a VIP amenity since it is owned by over 500 players worldwide. 

3.What is the best or the most convenient source to obtain a Free Fire V Badge Symbol?

If you wish to acquire the V badge by using another method, then you should probably consider joining the ‘Free Fire Partner Program’ as it is one of the best sources to obtain the V badge symbol.

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