How To Get The Tiktok’s Attractiveness Scale?

Trending videos, top-rated shots, challenging tasks, and filter applications have made TikTok the most favorite social media app. A

Among these, one trend has popped out and created a controversy, i.e., the Attractiveness Scale. Here, you can rate your appearance and beauty from 1 to 10 by comparing them with the most-liked celebrity faces on the internet. So, if you want to test your score, you can join the app and discover how others are using the tool. 

Though this app is no longer active, you can still use its scaling tool to determine your attractiveness and hotness. 

All About Attractiveness Scale On TikTok

The attractiveness scale on TikTok gives you access to AI to compare your attractiveness and appearance with the most rated facial characteristics on the internet. This comparison will score your beauty and rate your features on a 1-10 scale.

This tool takes a user’s photo and starts to analyse the features with those famous, trending, and desired faces on the internet. Then, this app rates that user’s features and attractiveness and scores them on their overall appearances. It is a coveted tool that attracts many users, but on the flip side, some prefer to use something other than this app.

The Process Of Checking Your Attractiveness On Tiktok Is Given In Steps So That You Can Follow It Successively

  1. On TikTok, you must select the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the page.
  2. Then, you must type attractive scale on the black space bar and select any trending most liked video.
  3. After that, you need to tap on the attractive scale option above TikToker’s name or the date the selected video was uploaded.
  4. Then, tap the effects, like; brightening the face, shape-shifting tiktok, compression of the photo, and many others. After applying products, you must press the red button to start making your video.
  5. Lastly, after analysing the attractiveness scale will appear above your head. A few seconds after, you will get your result after the total scanning.

Female Attractiveness Scale 

If you want to know how much your body structure, flawless skin, and face traits will get the score on the comparison scale with the top-rated face features, choose TikTok blindly. It is that app looking for similarities between your facial characteristics and with most-liked trending faces on the net. 

The criteria show that the top score, i.e., 10 indicates being extremely attractive, hot, and stunning. On a female scale, there should be a perfect touch on a face with two or more ideal body parts, bright and shining teeth, and utmost personal cleanliness. 

Male Attractiveness Scale 

Males also have some criteria to match the expected feature on the male 1-10 scale TikTok’s attractive scale. If any male wants to pass the test and get an impressive score, he should possess some mandatory features, like; good hygiene, muscular body, robustness, square facial structure, no bulk, and most importantly, intense eyes. 

It is damn interesting to do, and it looks like you are posing for your portfolio shot. That sounds exciting, right?

If you have these features more or less, you will probably have a great result on the male attractiveness scale. You will be happy to see that you are a look-alike of your top-liked celebrity.

Process Of Increase Your Score On the Attractiveness Scale

There is access to filters that can make your photo more mechanised. It is a slot game where you must be prepared for a win-or-lose situation. However, this app and its scaling tool have been popular and seriously smeared topics of the town.

This filter can fulfil your desire to get the top score on the attractive scale. Here are the tips:

1. Trick no. You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to apply features to your shoots. Also, you can search out the most top-rated and trending videos on the internet. It will make the chances high of getting the top score

2. Another trick: When you upload your picture, remember that the picture should be clear with a face brightening filter. It will help you in lifting your score.

3. Practice, Prepare and Post!! Another and last trick to get an impressive score on the scale is using the TikTok shapeshifting tool. First, you have to know the process, watch the videos, and practise a few times on different photos. Eventually, you will get your desired score by applying these tricks to your best picture. So, the process will help you to look good with perfect make-up.

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