Ice cream could be refurbished thanks to companies’ new technologies

frozen. (Photo: Food Unfolded)

explosion of frozen (refined by the Italians over the centuries) a. was with explode in technology of refrigeration: Yes, industrial ice cream people have been eating for 75 years.

It is also probably the most popular frozen dessert in the world; But the story has just begun with him. or at least, That’s what some companies think.

The History of Ice Cream, Technically Speaking

In short, the same goes for pasta or pizza: no one is quite sure where it came from, or how it got to Italy; But what is clear is that the Italians revolutionized the product as soon as it appeared. It is often said that the recipe for “sorbet” came from China at the hands of Marco Polo, but there is not much evidence (it is possible that the Arabs introduced it from Sicily).

However, after falling into the hands of Cosimo I de Medici, everything changed. He was responsible for the popularity of ice cream throughout Europe and was one of the great inventions of the Renaissance. Of course: it’s still something expensive, rare and localized.

Cosimo I de Medici.  (Photo: Vanguard)
Cosimo I de Medici. (Photo: Vanguard)

It was the 19th century that, like many other things, contributed to its popularity. Italian immigrants brought them across the industrialized world, And it was the industry that was responsible for creating the majority of them.

And that’s it, although many people know how ice cream machines work, Industrial ice cream requires a large number of processes (mixing, homogenization, pasteurization, aeration or freezing) And, although over time, technology made it possible to use more and more ingredients, the great ice cream revolution happened less than a century ago.

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In recent years, glaciators have developed decidedly new approaches: low temperature extrusion, ultra high pressure homogenization, freezing or pre-aeration. Even then, As always, the best is (hopefully) yet to come.

Industrial Ice Cream.  (Photo: Straight to the Palette)
Industrial Ice Cream. (Photo: Straight to the Palette)

This will be the future of ice cream

Innovation is at the top of the ice cream world today. get a better taste and in particular Improving refrigeration processes to make them more economical and sustainable. In the current situation, with skyrocketing inflation and skyrocketing energy prices, this type of innovation is needed more than ever, but there is more to the story.

Given the growing ice cream trend today, the first thing that strikes you is the power of plant-based formulations. Unlike the “fake meat” market, which has collapsed after the initial boom: Ice cream without animal ingredients keeps rising at a good speed and this has forced producers who have had to in recent years In addition to its derivatives, develop new technology that does not involve milk.

Industrial Ice Cream.  (Photo: Dario Corio)
Industrial Ice Cream. (Photo: Dario Corio)

other thing, robotic Not only plays a very important role in the development of new ice cream, But also in allowing for more customization. Unilever, one of the ice cream giants in the world, was discovered a while back Epidemic That truck, thanks to this new approach, can offer consumers a much wider range of ice cream (much larger than the ones we’re familiar with).

However, and curiously, The area of ​​greatest interest is apparently the development of fat-free creams (Or better use fats), but which retain their organoleptic properties. A close example is Cubic Foods, which has spent years trying to get the most out of vegetable oils: “Smart Fat” An emulsion of water and oil that allows the texture and consistency of ice cream to be maintained with healthy fats such as olive oil.

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But Palm is managed by a smaller Swedish start-up, Lub Foods, which Uses of Vegetable Oils (EPG) The molecular structure of which is resistant to the effects of human digestive enzymes and therefore cannot be absorbed. In other words, it is a fat that makes the mouth fat, But it doesn’t take up fat because it can’t be metabolized.

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