Imginn: All You Need To Know

On the website Imginn, anyone may view any public profile without revealing their identity. Users will not be able to identify whether someone else has visited their profile.

Now, most of us follow certain well-known or well-liked Instagram influencers because we want to save their photographs, stories, and images to our desktops or mobile devices. 

But we are unable to do so since not all Instagram picture or video downloaders allow us to download everything from Instagram in one location; this is the only reason we discovered Imginn.

Once you open the website, a screen will appear which will allow you to log in while attempting to view Instagram content.  Additionally, it will expose you to more advertisements, which help support the service and keep it free for users. And you must already know that using a third-party tool is one of the very common ways to view Instagram content.

Instagram’s developers have made it more challenging to access and use the service without signing in. There are some actions you can still take, though, if you just want to lurk on Instagram without logging in or even registering for an account. Here’s how to access Instagram without a profile.

ImgInn is an extremely popular third-party tool for browsing publicly available Instagram stuff, and you may access it from your browser through the internet very easily. 

This Instagram photo and story downloader tool uses the Instagram API to get all Instagram IDs before allowing users to download the stories, photos, and videos of Instagram influencers and celebrities.

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Step By Step Instruction To Use Imaginn

Imginn is quite easy to use once you get started. It is custom-made for individuals who want to view any of the public profiles of Instagram influencers, celebrities, or models. Just follow these simple instructions listed below:

1. Open a new tab in your web browser

2. Search “imginn” in your browser

3. For improved search results and greater convenience, you may also open Google first.

4. Click the link, which is It will lead you to the Imginn website following the ads.

5. Once the Imginn website has loaded, a search bar will be visible.

6. Press Search after entering any public Instagram account whose stories and posts you want to view.

7. You will see their Instagram account, and you can view their stories while keeping your identity anonymous.

Easy Way To Download Instagram Posts Through imginn

Another great feature of Imaginn is that it allows you to download posts and stories very easily as well. It makes use of a system known as the Imginn API. Instagram has opened up access to its API to the whole internet. Users may read and download posts and stories from other Instagram accounts using Imginn, which takes advantage of Instagram’s open API. 

Here are the simple steps to download an Instagram post or story:

1. Find the username of the celebrity/model you are interested in. Let’s say, for example, @cristiano or @shanewatson.

2. Search for the username and wait. Once the page is loaded, you will find a “VIEW” button, or you can use the quick search results. Again, wait for a moment.

3. Now, the whole post and story of the person will be visible to you, and the good thing is that your identity remains anonymous.

4. Select the posts or stories to download them.

Risks Involved In Using Imaginn

Since imgnn is a free tool that provides you access to its features, it may compromise your private data, especially using it for ads and other annoying spam as well. Let’s take a look at the major risks or demerits of using imgnn.

1. ImgInn cannot process posts and videos from private accounts because it cannot monitor private accounts.

2. Users cannot view the number of views or likes for individual postings via the UI.

3. It forbids users from posting or liking anybody else’s content, including photographs or videos in simple postings.

4. Because the website lacks privacy notices or copyright issues, there is a danger related to privacy concerns and hacking.

Three Popular Alternatives Of Imaginn

1. Smihub

This website is popular for providing a vast array of functions. You may see someone’s Instagram story anonymously, just like with Imginn. Additionally, you may save pictures and videos from Instagram profiles.

Many additional services are available on this website to help you, and they are all free. Additionally, SmiHub enables users to increase their number of followers which is completely free of charge.

 2. Instalkr

The website Instalkr is incredibly fun, easy, and simple to use, which makes it ideal for stalking. They have everything to offer that you would demand from a website of this nature. One may access all of Instalkr’s services without having to pay any charges on the website.

Last but not least, following someone is as easy as entering the username on any other website. You may do this with simplicity. It enables you to see someone’s Instagram content secretly and for free.

3. Qoob Stories

There is nothing else like this service. Few websites provide the beneficial option of allowing users to browse Instagram stories from both public and private accounts.

Just input the target Instagram account’s username on Qoob Stories, just like on other platforms and websites, and it will take care of all your following-an-account demands.

Wrapping Up

The majority of people who want to use Instagram without having any account do so because they value their privacy and don’t want Meta to gain access to any of their personal data. Not having an Instagram ID might benefit those who desire to use social media less.

They are not willing to fully restrict it, though. Even though Instagram has made some of its major features open to the public via its public API, imgin is still limited in many ways. But we believe it has a lot of potential. Try it out and let us know how your experience is! 

Until next time!