Joe Biden continues to name Rick Scott in GOP criticism

President Joe Biden continues to refer to Sen. Rick Scott In his criticisms of Republican economic policy, the latest example is on his Twitter feed on Saturday.

Biden aired a video defending his Inflation Reduction Act, in which he saw Scott as demanding to keep Medicare “on the chopping block.”

“Fifty years ago, President [Lyndon] johnson Signed Medicare into law. Since then, Republicans have been fighting it. Today it is Sen. Rick Scott from Florida. They have a plan that will put Medicare on the chopping block every five years,” Biden said. “Thinking about that. Do you want to give the Republicans in Congress who are pursuing and following MAGA policies, the power to abolish Medicare every five years?

The latest Biden video continues a feud that seems friendly to the president and the first-time senator from Florida, with Scott now 12 point plan to rescue america Acting as a flashpoint.

back in mayBiden was incensed during a White House press conference for reacting to calls for Scott’s resignation, following comments centered around Scott’s proposal to expand income tax and periodically review whether eligibility programs. should still exist.

“I think the man has a problem,” Biden said of the Florida senator.

Meanwhile, Biden has argued that “ultra-maga” Scott “presents an example”.why elections matterTo the Democrats. A video released earlier in July on Biden’s Twitter account spotted Scott again with senators Lindsey Graham South Carolina and ron johnson of Wisconsin.

“This is why elections matter,” the president warned in footage of a recent speech.

The video actually starts with Scott. Interconnected photos of Biden and the senator begin the 30-second clip.

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“Ultra-maga Republicans,” Biden said. “They’re coming after your Social Security. They’ve written it!”

Scott had previously argued that Biden “Obsessed“With his plans, but national polling indicates why Biden is so comfortable using the senator as a foil.

according to a national survey Of Morning Consult and Politico’s 2,005 registered voters, Scott is underwater with nearly all demographics, except self-identified conservatives and Republicans.

Independent voters particularly soured on the senator may vote, Just 12% of them approved Scott, while 29% disapproved. Men were particularly opposed to Scott, with 36% of male independent voters rated unfavorably about him, a demographic with a staggering -25.

Watch the new Biden video below.

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