Joe Biden is ‘bad,’ ‘worthless’ by British news

An associate editor for the British newspaper, The Telegraph, called President Joe Biden “bad,” worthless, weak, intolerant — and that was just the beginning.

This is how the world sees Biden.

And by extension America’s enemies are exploiting Biden in the same way.

From Camilla Tomini, associate editor – headline: “Wacky and Bad: Joe Biden Reveals Himself.”

She further asks, “Is the president’s wrath a product of his age—or simply a display of his character?”

good question

In the end, it doesn’t really matter as far as leadership is concerned. The result is the same: an American president who is ridiculed, ridiculed, despised and exploited.

“Biden’s qualities for the Oval Office are almost non-existent,” writes Tomini.

“A woman from her own Congress had died in a car accident, forgetting to lose her train of thought mid-sentence, [Biden] The answer to America’s crisis of confidence has hardly been proven,” he continues.

Remember when Biden called Peter Ducey with Fox News the “stupid son of now–?” said. How recently, when the mayor of Fort Myers Beach was told “no one – with a Biden” – remember?

Tomini does.

“Far from the carefully developed cuddly figure sold by Democrats, there seems to be a bad side to Sleepy Joe,” she writes.

And then the big question: is this the character of the president or a sign of his declining mental abilities?

“These [are] The rant of an intolerant, old man stuck in his way, who cannot obey anyone who disagrees with him,” says Tomini.

truth. But it is deep. It goes deeper than that.

He is a habitual liar. That’s scary “keep your kids away” scary. And that has been his character for decades.

Everybody knows this.

It seems that everyone, including writers from top news organizations overseas.

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