Joe Biden slams Russia at UNSC for ‘shameless violation’ with ‘brutal, unnecessary war’

United States President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that Russia has shamelessly violated the basic principles of the body’s charter with a “brutal, unnecessary war” in Ukraine. AP report good. Additionally, the US president warned that nuclear war “cannot be won” and said Washington was ready to pursue arms control measures. According to AFP The report, he told the UN Security Council, “a nuclear war cannot be won, and should never be fought,” as Joe Biden targeted Moscow for creating an “irresponsible nuclear threat”.

Biden this week criticized Russia for a “sham referendum” on territory forcibly seized in Ukraine and said that “a permanent member of the UN Security Council has invaded its neighbour, seeking to wipe a sovereign state off the map”. Russia has shamelessly violated the core principles of the United Nations Charter,” he told his UN audience, according to AP report good.

“The United States is ready to pursue significant armed control measures,” said the president, who also vowed that Washington would not allow Tehran to obtain nuclear weapons, according to AFP report good. Even the President of the United States said on Wednesday that Washington supports the expansion of the UN Security Council to better represent regions, including Africa and Latin America.

“The United States supports increasing the number of both permanent and non-permanent representatives of the Council,” Biden told the UN General Assembly.

“This includes permanent seats for countries we’ve long supported – permanent seats for countries in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean. The United States is committed to this important work.”

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Additionally, Joe Biden said that the United States supports the protests in Iran, which took place in recent days following the death of a 22-year-old woman, while morality police have been accused of violating the country’s strictly enforced Islamic dress code. was organized for. AP report good.

Speaking to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Biden said, “Today we stand with the brave citizens and brave women of Iran, who are demonstrating right now to secure their basic rights.” AP In the report, Biden also explicitly called out human rights abuses by China, Burma and the Taliban in his remarks, saying “the United States will always promote human rights in its country and around the world and the values ​​enshrined in the United Nations Charter.”

(AFP, with inputs from AP)

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